This kind of congestion is neither intentionally caused by the owners themselves, nor by the expressway management department.

  Recently, a traffic accident occurred near the Danfeng Toll Station on the Shangluo section of the Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway. Due to serious congestion, many car owners had passed the free time for expressway traffic when they left the station, and were eventually charged the entire toll.

Some netizens feel that they are too "wrongful", and some netizens even put forward some solutions.

It takes 8 hours to get out of the station for 5 kilometers. If I miss 12 o'clock, should I charge the whole journey?

The topic sparked heated discussions online.

  According to relevant policies and regulations, the deadline for toll-free domestic expressways is 24:00 on February 6. After that, car owners who get off the expressway will pay all the tolls for expressway traffic according to regulations.

That said, this offer isn't guaranteed to everyone, and if the owner doesn't hit the highway during that time, the policy is irrelevant.

This is also a conditional offer, that is, the owner must get off the expressway before the toll-free cut-off time stipulated in the policy, otherwise the toll will be charged.

Therefore, whether we can enjoy free benefits depends on whether we meet the conditions.

  It should be said that as a high-speed free policy that has been implemented for many years, this discount has been known to the vast majority of car owners. The treatment is fair and the operation is very simple, which can avoid unnecessary troubles.

  Specifically speaking of the problem of not being able to get off the high-speed in time due to traffic congestion, it is necessary for us to analyze the reasons for this result.

In fact, the time periods specified by the high-speed free policy are all national holidays.

For some car owners, there is a need for high-speed access regardless of whether it is free or not.

And the implementation of free, for all the car owners who have the need to go to the high-speed, it is not a happy thing.

Therefore, on the first and last days of free highways, traffic congestion is a common fact.

This kind of congestion is neither deliberately caused by the owners themselves, nor by the expressway management department, so it can only be at your own risk.

  As a rule, as long as it is open, transparent, and universal to all, it has achieved the greatest fairness.

Any rule is the result of a game of interests.

Wishful thinking to make changes also brings new risks and new problems.

The best way is to raise awareness of risks and take more risks for yourself under the premise of being familiar with the existing rules.

  Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News Special Commentator Deng Xiaobing (Professor of Lanzhou University Law School)