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  New scenarios of service consumption continue to be implemented, the market vitality of the cultural and tourism industry continues to recover, and the Winter Olympics drives the "hot" economy of ice and snow... Yesterday, the 2022 Beijing News Center held a special press conference to introduce the latest situation of Beijing's international consumption center city construction, the Winter Olympics It will become a bright spot in driving the ice and snow industry.

Xu Hejian, director of the 2022 Beijing News Center and spokesman for the municipal government, said that the holding of the Winter Olympics is having a positive effect on Beijing's economic growth, and the economic effects of the Winter Olympics will continue to be released, further enhancing Beijing's international influence and urban competitiveness.

  Create an international ice and snow consumption destination

  The Beijing Winter Olympics will greatly promote the development of the ice and snow industry, the construction of infrastructure and the improvement of people's livelihood.

  Xu Hejian introduced that during the preparation process, the coordinated development of ice and snow tourism, sports events, education and training and other fields has created more employment and development opportunities for the society.

The financial investment is integrated with the improvement of people's livelihood and the improvement of the urban environment, and promotes the improvement of the urban operation level.

With the rapid popularization of mass ice and snow sports, "cold sports" have become "hot sports". It is estimated that in 2022, the number of people participating in ice and snow sports in Beijing will reach 10 million.

The construction of a large number of international-level ice and snow venues has also provided venue guarantees for Beijing to build an international ice and snow consumption destination.

  "The development of the ice and snow industry in the post-Olympic era can be expected in the future. Beijing will host more international ice and snow events, mass ice and snow events and youth ice and snow events to help the construction of an international consumption center city." Xu Hejian said that with the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics The success of the event will bring more long-term benefits to Beijing's urban development.

"Double Olympic City" will further enhance Beijing's international influence and urban competitiveness. It will not only help attract more international high-level ice and snow events, but also attract foreign high-quality capital and talents to invest in Beijing and contribute to Beijing's economy. Steady and high-quality development injects new momentum.

  Will push 100 new Internet celebrities to check in to promote consumption

  Since the State Council approved Beijing and other 5 cities to develop international consumption center cities last year, Beijing's "city-wide game of chess" has been promoted in a coordinated manner, and staged results have been obvious.

Guo Wenjie, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said that in 2021, the city's total consumption, service consumption, and total retail sales will increase by 11%, 13.4%, and 8.4% year-on-year, respectively, and the overall consumer market will recover to the pre-epidemic level in 2019.

  Beijing's consumption upgrade has achieved remarkable results. On the one hand, commodity consumption is improving and expanding, and 22 traditional business districts and 20 pilot enterprises of "one store, one policy" in Beijing have basically completed the upgrading and transformation.

The first phase of Universal Theme Park has achieved operating income of 1.645 billion yuan since the park opened in September last year.

In addition, 901 first stores (including flagship stores) landed in Beijing last year, nearly 5 times the total number of the previous year.

The number of chain convenience stores (community supermarkets) per million people in Beijing has increased to 310, and the number of 717 departure tax refund stores also ranks first in the country.

  Liu Bin, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, introduced that, closely following the theme of the Winter Olympics, Beijing has accelerated the construction of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Sports Cultural Tourism Belt, held the Beijing Ice and Snow Culture Tourism Season, and launched more than 20 ice and snow-themed boutique routes and Beijing ice and snow tourism maps.

He revealed that the next step will be to implement the "micro-travel" and "micro-vacation" projects that reflect Beijing's characteristics - the "500,000,000 cultural tourism consumption" project.

Specifically, it is to launch 5 new technology-enabled cultural tourism consumption projects with leading demonstration effect, launch 10 cultural tourism consumption promotion brands with international and domestic influence, launch 100 new Internet celebrity check-in places, launch There are 100 characteristic tour themed tour routes, and a high-quality cycling tour with a total length of 1,000 miles (500 kilometers) has been launched.

  Vigorously guide and promote ice and snow consumption

  Taking advantage of the Dongfeng of the Winter Olympics, vigorously guiding and promoting ice and snow consumption has become a hot spot in the construction of Beijing as an international consumption center city.

  Meng Qianghua, deputy director of the Municipal Sports Bureau, introduced that since January this year, the city has issued more than 46,500 ice and snow experience coupons to encourage citizens to actively participate in ice and snow consumption.

At the end of January, the "2022 Beijing Ice and Snow Consumption Map" developed by the Municipal Sports Bureau and AutoNavi Maps was released online, providing digital intelligent consumption guidance services, and providing citizens with "tens of millions of exclusive taxi subsidies" to encourage ice and snow consumption.

Data show that during the Spring Festival holiday, 54 ice and snow venues opened, receiving 740,000 visitors, a year-on-year increase of 253%.

In addition, with the opening of the Winter Olympics, the sales of licensed products for the Winter Olympics have become even more popular.

  As the main carrying area for Beijing to build an international consumption center city, Yang Beibei, deputy head of Chaoyang District, said on the same day that the space layout will be optimized to create a subway "Line 14 commercial belt".

In the future, the role of Line 14 as a connecting line will be further utilized, the operation will be delayed on weekends, and the business districts of Hopson, China Central Place, SKP, Blue Harbor, and INDIGO will be connected, and the northern part will be optimized and the southern part will be improved. A commercial belt with multi-point support and multi-industry development will be formed.

  The sub-center of Beijing city will highlight the dual-wheel drive of cultural tourism and modern commerce, focus on key areas such as global resorts, canal business districts, and characteristic towns, and create a new growth of an international consumption center city based on the capital, radiating Tianjin-Hebei, and serving domestic and foreign markets. pole.

The Universal theme park made a wonderful debut last year and quickly became the hottest tourist destination in the country.

Yang Lei, deputy director of the Administrative Committee of the Beijing City Sub-center, director of the Cultural and Tourism District Administration of the sub-center and deputy head of Tongzhou District, said that despite the impact of the epidemic, the total number of tourists received by Universal Theme Park has exceeded 2.1 million, and it has driven the development of surrounding supporting industries. Last year, the income of the culture, sports and entertainment industries above designated size in Tongzhou District increased by 367.4% year-on-year, and the income of the accommodation industry increased by 122.6%. The spillover effect is beginning to appear.