Many of the major automobile manufacturers' financial results for the nine months up to December last year were almost complete, sales were strong in China and the United States, where the economy is recovering rapidly, and profits were boosted by the depreciation of the yen. The manufacturer has improved its business performance.

According to the nine-month financial results announced by each company until December last year,

▼ Toyota Motor's operating revenue, which is equivalent to sales, increased by more than 19% from the same period of the previous year to 23,267 billion yen, the final Profit increased by more than 57% to 2,316.2 billion yen, both record highs for this period.

▼ Honda's final profit increased by 31% to 582.1 billion yen,

▼ Nissan Motor's final profit and loss changed from a deficit of 367.7 billion yen in the previous year to a surplus of 2013 billion yen, and

both companies are 1 this year The outlook for the final profit for the year has been revised upward.

In both cases, sales were strong in China and the United States, where the economy is recovering sharply from the decline caused by the new corona, and the expansion of demand for cars reduced the cost for discounts and improved profitability.

The depreciation of the yen also helped.

However, the prices of car raw materials such as iron and precious metals have soared, forcing each company to significantly increase costs.

Furthermore, as the rapid spread of infection with the new coronavirus and the effects of semiconductor shortages continue, it is unclear whether the strong performance will continue due to the continuous shutdown of factories and production cuts.