China News Service, Zhangzhou, February 8 (Reporter Zhang Jinchuan) 27 major projects with a total investment of 32.45 billion yuan (RMB, the same below) have started construction, and the largest new administrative service center in Fujian Province has been opened... The Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger Just after the holiday, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, seized the industry, launched projects and promoted development with a tackling attitude.

  Officially released economic statistics show that Zhangzhou’s GDP exceeded 100 billion yuan for the first time in 2008, 200 billion yuan in 2012, 300 billion yuan in 2016, 400 billion yuan in 2019, and 502.54 billion yuan in 2021. Top 50 Chinese cities.

  "In the past year, we have gone all out to push the economic operation back to a reasonable range, GDP exceeded 500 billion yuan, fully completed the goals set at the beginning of the year, and achieved a good start to the '14th Five-Year Plan'." Zhang Guowang, secretary of the Zhangzhou Municipal Party Committee, held a meeting on February 7. At the mobilization meeting of the "Industrial Development Project Construction Tough Year" mobilization meeting, it was stated that we should increase our efforts to rush forward, continue the upward momentum, and strive to be the first in the overall development of Fujian.

  From breaking through 100 billion yuan to breaking through 500 billion yuan, and achieving a five-level jump in thirteen years, how did the hometown of fish, rice, flowers and fruits in Fujian achieve such a big leap?

When interviewed by relevant economic experts, they believed that after entering the new century, Zhangzhou's understanding and actions of accelerating the industrialization process from the development of the concept of giving full play to agricultural advantages to accelerating the process of industrialization, and the evolution of the development strategy from "establishing a city with industry" to "strengthening the city with industry". more unified.

  Since 2000, from "building an industrial city", "strengthening an industrial city", "accelerating industrialization", "accelerating industrial leapfrog development" to "accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading, and making every effort to create an upgraded version of Zhangzhou's industry", from "great focus on industry, focus on large industry" "From "highlighting industry and breaking through industry", in the layout of Zhangzhou's development ideas, industry has always been the main focus of economic development.

  The layout of large-scale industries accelerates the transformation of Zhangzhou from agriculture to industry; and the layout of large-scale projects promotes the development of industrial agglomeration in Zhangzhou.

According to official data, in 2021, Zhangzhou will have over 1,100 newly signed projects with a total investment of over 420 billion yuan, including 100 industrial projects of over 1 billion yuan, and 281 new key projects above the municipal level; Zhongsha Ethylene, Zhangzhou Nuclear Power, Major projects such as Liansheng Forestry, Pulp and Paper Integration, Gulei Refining and Chemical Integration Phase I, and Chimei Chemical have been accelerated or completed and put into production, many of which are foreign and Taiwan-funded projects.

  In particular, Zhangzhou has promoted the development of the Gulei petrochemical industry with high quality. In 2021, three projects including the first phase of Gulei refining and chemical integration will be put into operation, and the Zhongsha Gulei ethylene project cooperation contract has been signed, initially forming an "aromatic hydrocarbon-polyester" "" Olefin-plastic" two industrial chains.

In the past five years, Zhangzhou has deepened cross-strait economic and trade cooperation, adding 380 Taiwan-funded enterprises, and the actual use of Taiwan-funded 11.4 billion yuan.

  Zhang Guowang said that Zhangzhou should give full play to its advantages over Taiwan, its coastal areas, its advantages in the integration of Xiamen and Zhangzhou, and its proximity to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Expansion of production and technological transformation to promote the growth of new branches of old trees.

  From the work report of the Zhangzhou Municipal Government in 2022, it can be seen that Zhangzhou will continue to develop the Gulei petrochemical industry, urging the early start of construction of 10 projects such as Zhongsha Gulei ethylene, and the 6 projects including the second phase of Chimei PS, to promote the development of the entire petrochemical industry chain; Actively integrate into the construction of the "Maritime Silk" core area, actively strive for the establishment of a China (Zhangzhou, Fujian)-Philippines "two countries and two parks" economic and trade innovation and development demonstration parks, explore a new model of jointly building the "Belt and Road"; strive to create a demonstration area for cross-strait industrial integration development , and strive to establish more than 60 new Taiwan-funded enterprise projects.

  Zhang Guowang said that it is necessary to focus on 9 industrial clusters of 100 billion yuan and 5 industrial clusters of more than 50 billion yuan, focus on grasping the leader, forging chains, building clusters, and firmly maintaining the basic industrial base; in particular, we must continue to strengthen the city. Develop the Gulei petrochemical industry, further supplement the chain, extend the chain and strengthen the chain, and amplify the cluster effect.

  At present, Zhangzhou puts stable growth in the first place, focusing on project construction, industrial development, and investment promotion.

Zhangzhou is expected to increase its GDP by 7.5% this year, and strive to exceed 700 billion yuan in the next five years. Its comprehensive economic strength is at the forefront of Fujian Province.