At the beginning of the new year in 2022, a large number of major projects in Shanghai will be started in a concentrated manner, and the machines will roar.

  Concentrated start of major projects

  On January 4th, major projects in Pudong New Area started intensively

  Major projects in the leading area of ​​socialist modernization construction in Pudong New Area started intensively, with a total investment of 317.6 billion yuan.

The project involves high-end industries, scientific and technological innovation, infrastructure, major livelihood and other fields, focusing on the comprehensive transportation system to form a network into a system, focusing on the "six hard core" industries to reach a higher platform, focusing on improving the housing security system, and making every effort to solve problems There are outstanding problems in urban housing, focusing on building a beautiful ecological environment, promoting green development, focusing on enhancing the sense of gain of the masses, and promoting the construction of "people's cities".

  On January 4, the Shanghai Industrial Intelligence Center project started

  The Shanghai Industrial Intelligence Center project officially started, with a total investment of 1.44 billion yuan.

The Shanghai Maqiao Artificial Intelligence Innovation Pilot Zone is a high ground for artificial intelligence innovation sources, application demonstrations, institutional supply and talent gathering that has a global demonstration effect and is built by the Shanghai government.

  On January 6, the major projects of Shanghai's "Five New Towns" started intensively

  The construction of five major projects in Shanghai's new towns has started. The first batch of projects in this new town has a total of 40 projects with a total investment of 132.82 billion yuan.

The project involves high-end industries, scientific and technological innovation, infrastructure, major livelihood and other fields, focusing on "strengthening the chain, supplementing the chain, and consolidating the chain" of the industry, focusing on improving the level and level of infrastructure construction, focusing on enhancing the people's sense of gain, and promoting the "people's city". "Construction, focusing on building a beautiful ecological environment in the new city and promoting green development.

  On January 14, Shanghai Xuhui major projects started intensively

  In 2022, 85 major projects and industrial projects among key projects in Xuhui District, Shanghai are expected to start construction of 2.84 million square meters and complete 1.38 million square meters, with an annual investment of 18.7 billion yuan.

The major projects started this time involve three major sectors: industrial development, people's livelihood security and infrastructure, covering cultural creativity, digital economy, modern finance, life and health, transportation improvement, ecological benefits and other fields.

  On January 18, Shanghai Baoshan major projects started intensively

  A batch of major projects in Baoshan District, Shanghai have been launched.

It is reported that in 2022, Baoshan District will arrange a total of 65 major projects with a total investment of about 160 billion yuan. This time, 45 projects will be launched. These projects can be said to cover all aspects of economic and social development, especially a batch of strategic emerging industry projects. The landing and the commencement of major functional infrastructure for people's livelihood will inject strong new momentum into the regional transformation.

  On January 20th, the municipal transportation project in Shanghai Lingang New Area started intensively.

  In January 2022, the municipal transportation project of Lingang New Area will start construction and the new construction of Xinyuan South Road Interchange of S2 Highway will start. A total of 5 projects will start construction this time, with a total investment of about 1.3 billion yuan and a total mileage of about 8.7 kilometers.

  On February 7th, 95 key industrial projects in Shanghai Jiading were signed

  At the 2022 "stabilizing business and promoting investment" conference in Jiading District, 95 key industrial projects were signed, with a total investment of 23.07 billion yuan, including 80 domestic-funded projects and 15 foreign-funded projects.

At the meeting, Jiading District launched a global strategic partnership program to jointly provide a full range of strategic services for Jiading's economic development.

  On February 7th, 10 major projects in Huangpu, Shanghai started construction

  The 2022 centralized signing ceremony of key projects in Huangpu District, Shanghai and the centralized commencement ceremony of major projects were held at Century Plaza, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street.

There are 10 major projects under construction, with a total investment of more than 45.7 billion yuan. Among them, the renovation and renewal project of Century Plaza on Nanjing East Road has a total investment of 250 million yuan.

There are 12 centralized contracted projects with a total investment of more than 35.2 billion yuan, all of which are high-growth enterprises that are about to settle in Huangpu or will carry out further in-depth cooperation.

  On February 7, the cooperation agreement of Jinshan Binhai International Cultural Tourism Resort was formally signed.

  As a key project for deepening the construction of a world-famous tourist city during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period in Shanghai, the cooperation agreement of Jinshan Binhai International Cultural Tourism Resort was formally signed, and plans to deploy super five-star resort hotels, coastal art centers, marine specialty food streets, and Binhai Key projects such as the Convention and Exhibition Center, Surfing Adventure Island, and Music Island will create an "unforgettable" landmark building complex and a "must visit in a lifetime" spot in the 8.1-square-kilometer South Shanghai seaside area.

  On February 7, the main line of Songze Elevated Road opened to traffic

  The total length of the Songze Elevated Road main line project is about 18 kilometers. It starts from the toll station east of the G15 interchange of Songze Elevated Road in the east, and reaches Caoying Road in the west, connecting Qingpu New Town and Hongqiao Hub.

The opening of the Songze Elevated Road will strengthen the connection between the Hongqiao International Open Hub and Jiaqingsong West New Town, strengthen the east-west axis of Shanghai’s development with the Hongqiao International Open Hub as the core and the tangent of the Yangtze River Delta, and effectively promote the development of the new city cluster in the west wing.

  Intensive introduction of supporting policies

  On January 6th, measures related to supporting the construction of Pudong's leading district and promoting the high-quality development of Pudong's international trade were released

  The "Trade Promotion Conference for Building a Leading Zone for Socialist Modernization" was held in Pudong New Area. At the meeting, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, Shanghai Customs, and Shanghai Branch of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange issued a plan to support the construction of the leading zone in Pudong and promote the high-quality development of Pudong's international trade. related measures.

  On January 12, the supporting policies of the "Shanghai Data Regulations" were released

  The release of the supporting policies of the "Shanghai Data Regulations" provides all-round and multi-level guarantees for the full and full implementation of the "Shanghai Data Regulations", so as to realize the "overall transformation, all-round empowerment, and revolutionary reshaping of digital transformation". ".

  On January 12, the "Shanghai Municipal Measures for the Administration of the Approval and Filing of Foreign Investment Projects" was released

  The "Administrative Measures for the Approval and Filing of Foreign-invested Projects in Shanghai" was released to further promote high-level opening to the outside world, continuously deepen the reform of "delegating power, delegating power, delegating power and improving services", further promoting and facilitating foreign investment, standardizing the approval and filing of foreign-invested projects, and creating a more efficient, Transparent environment.

  On January 13, 32 measures to continuously stimulate the vitality of market entities were released

  The Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision issued the "Several Measures for the Development and Growth of Market Entities", which specifically includes 32 measures, benchmarking Shanghai version 5.0 to optimize the business environment, focusing on market access, quasi-business, liberalization, strict management, digital governance and market competition supervision Inclusive and prudent.

  On January 13, the outline of a strong intellectual property city and the "14th Five-Year Plan" were released

  The "Outline of Building a Strong Intellectual Property City in Shanghai 2021-2035" and the "14th Five-Year Plan for the Protection and Utilization of Intellectual Property Rights in Shanghai" were released, and the "Outline" and "Plan" have clear development goals. Protect the highlands, and by 2035, basically build an international intellectual property center city with a complete system, a sound system, a superior environment and a leading level.

  On January 14, the outline of the development plan for the world-class ecological island in Chongming was released.

  The "Outline of Chongming World-class Ecological Island Development Plan (2021-2035)" was released. From the perspective of top-level design, the "Development Outline" made forward-looking thinking and systematic planning for Chongming's world-class ecological island. In terms of quality and other aspects, all-round expansion and strategic improvement have been carried out.

  On January 18, 24 measures to fully stimulate the vitality of social investment were introduced

  The "Several Policies and Measures for Expanding Effective Investment and Stabilizing Economic Development in Shanghai in 2022" was released, with a total of 24 specific policies and measures, focusing on accelerating the construction of major projects, carrying out infrastructure investment moderately ahead of schedule, and promoting the digital transformation of the city.

  On January 19, 27 policies to promote software and other strategic emerging industries to become bigger and stronger were issued

  "Several Policies on Promoting the High-Quality Development of Shanghai's Integrated Circuit Industry and Software Industry in the New Era" has a total of 27 articles, covering talent support, enterprise cultivation support, investment and financing support, R&D and application support, collaborative innovation in the Yangtze River Delta, industry management support, etc. .

  On January 19, 28 measures to deepen the reform of cross-border trade and business environment were launched

  The "Several Measures for Deepening the Reform of the Cross-border Trade and Business Environment at Shanghai Port in 2022" was released, with a total of 28 measures in four aspects. Implement and promote tariff payment facilitation and other measures to further optimize the entire chain of customs clearance, further reduce import and export costs, further enhance port service capabilities, and further improve the overall service environment for cross-border trade.

  (Reporter Wu Qiong Liang Zhiwei Yang Jing Wang Yizhe Zhang Qian Guo Enyou editor Hong Zhiqin)