[Explanation] The Spring Festival holiday came to an end in a happy atmosphere. During the holiday, stimulated by the 2022 Winter Olympics, winter tourism in Xinjiang continued to heat up, and various ice and snow activities attracted the enthusiastic participation of people inside and outside Xinjiang, and spent a peaceful new year.

  [Explanation] On February 6, at Jiangjunshan Ski Resort in Altay City, Xinjiang, on the last day of the holiday, there were still many tourists visiting.

Jiangjun Mountain Ski Resort has many advantages such as good mountain situation, good snow quality, long effective snow period, no wind, etc. It has become the first choice for many tourists in Xinjiang and abroad in winter. returning customer".

  [Concurrent] Shenzhen tourists are far away

  This year is the fourth year of skiing in Altay. Yesterday, we found that the number of people in the ski resort in Jiangjun Mountain was very high, several times more than in previous years. When we went back and watched the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, we felt that the country's ice and snow sports are becoming more and more developed. , the mood is very happy.

  [Explanation] In the Sailimu Lake Scenic Spot in Xinjiang, the number of tourists in the area has been full in the past few days, with an average of more than 20,000 tourists per day. There is an endless stream of tourists who come to take pictures and play, ushering in a "good start" for the Year of the Tiger.

In the Moon Bay Scenic Spot of Sailimu Lake Scenic Area, the crystal clear ice sculptures are vivid, and the unpretentious snow sculptures are lifelike.

Next to the ice sculpture scenic spot, there are various ice and snow experience projects such as snow circles, snow karts, snowmobiles, sledges, etc., which make tourists have a lot of fun.

  [Explanation] In Xinjiang Bosten Lake Dahekou Scenic Spot, ice and snow tourism is also very lively, with red lanterns hanging in the corners of the scenic spot, plus the laughter and laughter in the scenic spot, the Spring Festival atmosphere is full.

More than 30 ice and snow entertainment projects have been launched locally to meet the play experience of tourists of all ages.

  [Concurrent] Hejing Tourist Wang Guoliang

  The whole family brought them out to come and have a look. I didn't expect this place to be so lively. There are food and drink, and children's play, and everything. The atmosphere is quite good, really good.

  [Explanation] Xinjiang is blessed with unique ice and snow resources. The ice and snow season lasts for more than 5 months in many places. In recent years, Xinjiang's ice and snow industry has developed rapidly, with increasingly perfect venues and facilities. New formats such as ice and snow sports and ice and snow tourism are emerging, and localities are actively creating regional characteristics. The new brand of ice and snow sports tourism continues to expand the "spillover effect" of the Winter Olympics, adding wings to the take-off of the ice and snow economy.

  Zuo Dandan, Arman, Zhang Bowei, and Nanden Xinjiang reported

Responsible editor: [Li Yuxin]