During the Spring Festival, the supply of new year goods in supermarkets in various places is sufficient and stable, the catering market is very popular, and the holiday consumer market is booming.

  You have food in your hands, don't panic.

Behind the stable market supply is the stability of the industrial chain and the supply chain, which is a strong endogenous driving force for economic development.

With a bumper harvest of food, sufficient supply, and orderly supply, people's livelihoods are guaranteed and the economy is more resilient.

  Know what you have in mind and plan well.

Grain, oil, meat, custard, plumbing, coal, electricity, supply guarantees are in a thousand ways, and they are related to thousands of households.

The Spring Festival is also a test of the level of emergency management in various places.

In the context of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the safety requirements for people flow and logistics cannot be relaxed, and the task of ensuring people's livelihood remains unabated, which tests the emergency management level of various localities and departments.

The storage of goods is insufficient, the transportation capacity is large, and the peak energy consumption is high.

  Consumption upgrade is in the ascendant.

During the Spring Festival, the market is running smoothly, and the product structure is also being upgraded. Green, smart and creative products have become hot-selling New Year goods.

Quietly, people's lives are moving towards high quality, and economic development has accumulated strong new momentum.

(Reporter Liu Liang of Economic Daily)