Syria: Kurdish forces comb the surroundings after the resumption of control of the prison of Hassaké

A Syrian Democratic Forces soldier in Hassaké, January 27, 2022. AP - Baderkhan Ahmad

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Fierce fighting broke out Thursday, January 27, between Kurdish forces and a hundred jihadists from the Islamic State group still entrenched in Ghwayran prison, in the city of Hassaké, in northeastern Syria.

The Kurds had reported the resumption of "

 total control

 " of this detention center where a mutiny, supported by an external assault, broke out a week ago.

The provisional toll stands at 235 dead, including 173 jihadists, 55 Kurdish fighters and seven civilians.


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With our correspondent in the region,

Paul Khalifeh

The Kurds regained control of the areas surrounding

Ghwayran prison where the fighting ceased, with the active support of US-led international coalition forces in control of the areas surrounding the prison where the fighting ceased. They carry out a thorough combing of the buildings of the detention center, where violent skirmishes sometimes break out with jihadists who have refused to surrender.

The rebellion has been practically put down but the curfew decreed for a week in the neighborhoods around Ghwayran has still not been lifted and the 45,000 inhabitants who fled in disaster have not yet been authorized to return.

UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Martin Griffiths on Thursday expressed his utmost concern for the fate of "

hundreds of children trapped in (the) terrifying siege

 " of Ghwayran prison.

Jihadists on the run

Hundreds of child fighters, dubbed the "caliphate cubs", have been evacuated from prison by Kurdish forces in recent days.

But there are still an undetermined number inside the buildings.

The exact number of jihadists who managed to flee is not yet known.

Probably several dozen people.

Enhanced security and manhunt

The Syrian government army, which shares Hassaké with Kurdish forces, has reinforced security measures in the areas under its control.

An Iraqi soldier stands guard at the Syrian border, January 27, 2022. REUTERS - KHALID AL-MOUSILY

The Iraqi army did the same along the border where important reinforcements were dispatched.

In a sign of the gravity of the situation, the Iraqi Prime Minister inspected the troops deployed along the border on Thursday and issued a strong warning to the Islamic State group.

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Kurdish forces have launched a manhunt in eastern Syria for fugitives.

On Thursday, they arrested around 30 residents of the eastern province of Deir Ezzor for collaborating with the Islamic State group.


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