That's the thing with crime in the pandemic.

Some crimes are declining, such as counterfeiting banknotes.

No wonder: If card payments are made everywhere and fairs and Christmas markets where cash is still often paid are cancelled, there are fewer opportunities to spend counterfeit money.

It is also less common for criminals to spy on the PIN at the ATM.

In return, the ECB warns of an increase in cyber attacks: If the world is even more online than usual, the criminals will follow.

Corona even made some forms of crime possible in the first place, as the number of fake vaccination certificates, which is increasing from month to month, shows.

There was other crime before the crisis, but it has received a boost: more ATMs are being blown up.

At least at the beginning of the crisis, there was a connection to the pandemic that perpetrators from the Netherlands, who could no longer drive to France so easily, increasingly struck in Germany.

In any case, one thing is certain: Very few criminals sit idle in the home office because of Corona.