Xie Ruolin

  A blind box of 59 yuan has made countless fans crazy, and there are many people who spend a lot of money.

In the past two years, the blind box economy has taken the lead. On the Xiaohongshu platform alone, there have been 1.25 million notes about blind boxes.

  From the perspective of consumer psychology, the reason why blind boxes are more popular than general commodities lies in the word "blind".

More than one consumer said to the author that the pleasure of consumption lies in the moment when the blind box is opened. When the products in the blind box are confirmed, their interest also disappears.

Some fans even said that they like to draw blind boxes in small programs in their spare time.

  In 2021, my country's per capita GDP will exceed 80,976 yuan, and the per capita GDP will exceed 80,000 yuan. Converted at the average annual exchange rate, it will exceed 12,500 US dollars, which has exceeded the world's per capita GDP level.

After the material life is satisfied, the trendy toys and fashion consumer industries represented by "blind boxes" are becoming an important way for young people to find a sense of existence and socialize.

  According to Frost & Sullivan's report, the size of the domestic trendy game market has increased from 6.3 billion yuan in 2015 to 29.48 billion yuan in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 46.36%. The market size is expected to reach 763 million in 2024. 100 million yuan, and will exceed 110 billion yuan in 2030.

  Therefore, blind box companies make a lot of money.

In the first half of 2021, the gross profit margin of Bubble Mart was 63%. At the same time, a series of products of the company announced a price increase from 59 yuan to 69 yuan.

How to price a blind box product should be driven by product quality, not by a sales model of "gambling mentality" or marketing methods that advocate scarcity.

  In the context of high net profit margins, chaos in the blind box industry occurs frequently.

On the one hand, some merchants use blind boxes as a gimmick to repackage and sell expired, expired, and unsalable goods, infringing on consumer rights;

  The development of the blind box industry is in urgent need of regulation.

Recently, the "Shanghai Blind Box Business Activities Compliance Guidelines" was officially released, which is the first guideline for the blind box industry and a wind vane for industry supervision.

  The author believes that the guidelines and initiatives are far from enough, and the relevant departments should further refine the rules, learn from the experience of Shanghai, and clean up and regulate the blind box industry in a targeted manner across the country.

Specifically, first, blind box products should be checked regularly, and a special screening mechanism should be set up to ensure product quality and safety; second, a complete after-sales system should be established, and overlord clauses such as "non-returnable blind boxes" should be clearly abolished; third , standardize the marketing and publicity methods of blind boxes, and put an end to false propaganda such as "must hit mobile phones" and "must hit diamonds"; fourth, clarify the scope of corporate violations and introduce relevant disciplinary measures; fifth, insist on banning sales to minors.

  Before the rules are clear and perfect, enterprises must adhere to the bottom line of business rules, operate with integrity in accordance with the law, and actively maintain the healthy development of the industry.

At the same time, consumers should establish a healthy consumption concept, keep their eyes open, and beware of falling into the trap of consumerism.

(Securities Daily)