“In the oil market, as always, there are several factors: some are bullish, others are bullish.

We are looking at what will happen to the forecast for the “omicron”, if there is no news about the lockdown, then, rather, the situation is perceived positively, that the work of civil aviation will gradually improve.

This will play to increase the cost of oil, ”the expert explained.

In addition, such factors as possible sanctions from the West, the situation around Russia and Ukraine, as well as the situation in the Middle East are important, which can also affect the increase in value.

He did not rule out that the price of oil could still rise by a few dollars. 

At the same time, the specialist added that if there is news about a strong increase in production in the United States, this may contribute to a decrease in the cost. 

“But this is for the future, so far we will still see growth in a couple of weeks,” the analyst concluded.

Earlier it was reported that world oil prices are growing during trading on Friday, January 28.