Our reporter Bao Xing'an

  Trainee reporter Yang Jie

  Since January, many places have entered the "local two sessions time", and the issue of pensions, which has always attracted much attention, has also become one of the hot words of the "local two sessions".

  Elderly care services are related to the well-off condition.

"Securities Daily" reporters reviewed the 2022 government work reports in many places and noticed that pension-related work was included in many places.

For example, the work report of the Beijing Municipal Government mentioned "time bank" for the first time, encouraging market-oriented professional institutions to participate in providing pension services such as meal assistance, and developing mutual assistance models such as time bank.

Shanxi Province stated that it plans to implement a number of public service projects such as elderly care and childcare, promote "5G + smart elderly care", and develop "silver economy".

Liaoning Province also mentioned the promotion of smart and healthy elderly care.

Jiangsu Province stated that it "establishes and improves the basic elderly care service list system".

  "The local government's inclusion of pensions in the work focus is not only the realistic need to face the phenomenon of social aging, but also the embodiment of the local government's active and active governance for the people." Director Song Xiangqing told the "Securities Daily" reporter that under the background of the continuous expansion of the elderly population in various parts of my country, the increasingly strong market demand for the elderly, and the rapid development of the elderly care service industry and the elderly leisure industry, local governments are committed to building around the needs of the elderly. More new forms of business, new industries, and new models make it a strong support for high-quality economic development and social harmony, creating conditions for enhancing social harmony, innovating old-age care models, and further exploring the mechanism and system for the whole society to support the elderly and enhance The bottom line.

  Mingming, chief economist of CITIC Securities, told the "Securities Daily" reporter that this is also conducive to reducing the burden on young people in terms of pensions, thereby alleviating fertility problems.

In addition, vigorously supporting and developing the elderly care service market will help boost the high-quality development of China's economy.

  It is worth mentioning that the Central Economic Work Conference held at the end of 2021 mentioned that this year's economic work should "promote the national overall planning of basic pension insurance".

In December 2021, the "Opinions on Promoting the Development of Personal Pensions" was released, which also means the beginning of a new era of "personal pensions".






  (Securities Daily)