Tencent Anti-Corruption

  Reported 16 typical cases, 5 of which involved suppliers, from employees "taking advantage of their positions to seek benefits for suppliers and charging suppliers for benefits"; and 5 cases involving employees colluding with intermediaries and taking advantage of the opportunity to recruit interns .

As a result, many employees violated the "Tencent high-voltage line", were dismissed, never hired, and were transferred to the public security organs for processing.

  BYD Anti-Corruption

  Since 2018, the BYD Audit and Supervision Office has reported key cases of corruption investigations on a quarterly basis.

Since the first case was published in 2018, by the end of 2021, BYD had notified and investigated over 100 employee corruption incidents involving 245 employees.

  The Spring Festival is approaching, and many big factories have raised the banner of anti-corruption.

  On January 24, BYD (002594.SZ) issued a "Letter to BYD Partners" stating that in 2021, 28 suppliers will be held accountable for breach of contract due to violations of relevant agreements on clean cooperation; , 94 employees with serious violations (dismissed and entered into the delisting inquiry system); 22 people were handed over to the public security organs for investigation in 7 cases, and criminal responsibility was investigated according to law.

  On January 25, Tencent Holdings (00700.HK, hereinafter referred to as Tencent) Anti-Fraud Investigation Department’s WeChat public account “Sunshine Tencent” issued an announcement, reporting 16 typical cases involving commercial bribery, job embezzlement, etc.

The announcement stated that in the whole year of 2021, Tencent’s anti-fraud investigation department discovered and investigated more than 50 cases of violations of “Tencent high-voltage lines”. Nearly 70 people were dismissed for violating “Tencent high-voltage lines”, and more than 10 people were transferred to public security organs for suspected crimes. .

  Tencent: Someone put a black hand on the intern

  The Red Star Capital Bureau found that many cases reported by Tencent were similar.

A Tencent employee cooperated with an external job-hunting agency, using the identity of a Tencent employee to arrange for interns to conduct false remote internships, and obtain part of the fees paid by the interns.

  For these employees, the above announcement stated that their behavior has violated the "Tencent high-voltage line", and they have been dismissed and will never be hired.

Among them, some employees have been transferred to the public security organs for suspected crimes.

  In fact, some job seekers are willing to pay for internships at big internet companies in order to make their resumes better.

  On January 25, Red Star Capital Bureau searched an e-commerce platform and found that the intern positions of many Internet companies are clearly marked, such as ByteDance product manager intern (Douyin monetization direction), Xiaomi (01810.HK) ) International Business Intern, etc.










  The letter mentioned that with the Spring Festival approaching, some partners may send red envelopes, gifts or invitations to dinners, gatherings and other activities to BYD-related business personnel in the name of "holiday" and "New Year's greetings", but according to BYD's regulations, employees should refuse. Gifts given by personnel of foreign units shall not be accepted without authorization from personnel of foreign units, such as entertainment, meals and other activities.

Regardless of whether gifts have been rejected, returned after receipt, or turned in, employees must file with the company through the OA anti-corruption filing process within three working days.

  BYD said its partners should not offer any undue benefits to company employees.

Otherwise, the cooperation with BYD will be seriously affected - BYD will pursue the responsibility of the gifting unit for breach of contract according to the contract or the integrity cooperation agreement, such as deduction of liquidated damages, cancellation of cooperation qualifications, and inclusion in the blacklist of partners.

Those involved in bribery may also face penalties.

If BYD employees make requests for money, food, entertainment, etc. or have other inappropriate behaviors, please report to the BYD Audit and Supervision Office in a timely manner.

  The highest prize for anti-corruption reporting is 10 million yuan

  BYD stated that, according to the "BYD Company Whistleblower Protection and Reward Regulations", for the non-involved units that actively report to the company, whether they actively or passively provide illegitimate benefits to BYD employees or their relatives, as long as they actively provide information and actively cooperate with the investigation. , and promises that similar problems will not occur in the future, and the company will give certain understanding and guarantee-for foreign units that intend to establish cooperative relations, the company will retain or give priority to provide cooperation opportunities and Preferential; BYD will continue to cooperate with foreign units that have established cooperative relations, and will not investigate the corresponding breach of contract responsibility for corrupt acts involved and actively reported.

  BYD pointed out that external units that proactively provided corrupt information that the company did not have during the investigation process will be exempted from the corresponding breach of contract responsibility and will be given business guarantees.

If the investigation is true, the company will also give the whistleblower a bonus ranging from RMB 5,000 to RMB 10,000,000 according to the effectiveness of the clues provided, the nature and severity of the case, etc.

  BYD stated that BYD has "zero tolerance" for corruption and will strictly follow the rules and regulations to hold accountable employees who violate integrity and discipline - rescind labor contracts, enter their information into BYD's delisting query system, and share them with the enterprise anti-fraud alliance blacklist database. , if the circumstances are serious and suspected of illegal crimes, they shall be resolutely handed over to judicial organs for handling.

  It is understood that since 2018, the BYD Audit and Supervision Office will report key cases of corruption investigations every quarter.

Since the first case was published in 2018, by the end of 2021, BYD had notified and investigated over 100 employee corruption incidents involving 245 employees.

  Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News Reporter

  Yang Peiwen Qiu Junfeng Wu Danruo