"I bought it and found out that there are actually many pits..." Sina Weibo certified as "China International Travel (Zhejiang) International Travel Agency Planning Director" and complained about "New Crown Isolation Insurance" on Weibo.

  With the Spring Festival approaching, the flow of people across the country has increased more than usual. Many insurance companies have launched "isolation insurance" with low prices and convenient purchase.

However, the reporter found that the so-called "isolation insurance" is not a separate type of insurance. It is easy for consumers to buy and difficult to claim. It seems simple but has many traps.

Many people in the industry said that the re-launch of "isolation insurance" by insurance companies or platforms before the holiday is mostly a gimmick to increase the flow, and consumers should read the terms carefully when purchasing, especially the exemption clause.

  Text/Guangzhou Daily All Media Reporter Zhang Zhongan

  Hit the edge ball "out of the circle"

  The reporter entered the keyword "isolation insurance" into the search engine, and the search results reached more than 22 million, and the content at the top of the search results were basically advertisements related to "isolation insurance".

And the advertisements are very eye-catching, such as "starting at 10.8 yuan" and "home isolation compensation of 200 yuan/day".

  The so-called "isolation insurance" will gradually enter the public eye in mid-2021. Such insurance often covers the death, diagnosis, isolation and accidental injury of new coronary pneumonia at the same time.

As early as February 2020, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission proposed to prohibit insurance companies from developing single-liability products for new coronary pneumonia.

According to regulatory requirements, most of the "isolation insurance" on the market is an extension of accident insurance and disease insurance. It bears allowances including compulsory isolation due to epidemic prevention and control policies. In fact, it is accident insurance + new crown related liability insurance.

  It is worth noting that, from the "isolation insurance" currently on the market, the average monthly fee ranges from 4.9 yuan to 60 yuan, the premium is low, the return on claims is attractive, and the purchase is convenient. great attraction.

However, as a new type of business, "isolation insurance" has some vague and confusing areas in sales and claims, and insurance companies and sales platforms also use this vagueness to gain traffic.

  There are many "routines" for actual claims

  The above-mentioned "China International Travel Service (Zhejiang) International Travel Agency Planning Director" said: "'Isolation Insurance' is really an IQ tax, that is, if the insured is quarantined due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic during the insurance period, he can enjoy subsidies during the quarantine period. , the amount is 300 yuan to 500 yuan per day. But I bought it and found that there are actually many 'pits'." The reporter also learned from a complaint platform that consumers' complaints about "isolation insurance" are mostly because it is easy to buy and difficult to claim. .

The planning director used his own case to list at least 8 "pits" where "home isolation can also be compensated".

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