Employers and unions have agreed on a personnel package at the Federal Employment Agency (BA) with a new boss, Andrea Nahles.

This emerges from a statement by the Confederation of German Employers' Associations and the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) on Tuesday.

The federal government still has to approve the personal details.

"Discussions are being held with Andrea Nahles as CEO, proposed by the employee group, Dr.

Katrin Krömer and Vanessa Ahuja as board members, proposed by the employers' group," it said.

These people would have to be elected by the board of directors and all the groups represented there.

The former SPD leader and Federal Minister of Labor Nahles would thus succeed BA boss Detlef Scheele.

The aim of the social partners and the representatives of the public bank when filling the future BA board is to set up a team that is prepared for the extraordinary challenges.

In the case of the people proposed by the social partners, this was achieved in cooperation with Daniel Terzenbach, who will ensure continuity on the board after the retirement of long-standing board members Detlef Scheele and Christiane Schönefeld.

"Management team well positioned"

Christina Ramb, Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of the BA and representative of the employers' bank, explained: "We are very pleased that we are working with Dr.

Katrin Krömer and Vanessa Ahuja, two proven experts in personnel and labor market policy.” Together with Nahles and Terzenbach, the board is up to the enormous challenges that the authority has to face.

Anja Piel, Chairwoman of the Administrative Board of the BA, explained for the DGB: “With Andrea Nahles at the helm, with Dr.

With Katrin Krömer, Vanessa Ahuja and Daniel Terzenbach as social partners, we have found a competent, managerial and highly motivated team.

From overcoming the Corona crisis to shaping structural change and transformation to digitization and a shortage of skilled workers - the Management Board team is ideally positioned for all these tasks with experience and a common will to shape things."