Nippon-Ham Fighters, a major food maker, has announced that it will change the design of the "drawstring type" used for packaging its main sausages in an attempt to reduce the amount of plastic used.

Nippon Ham has changed the packaging of its main sausage "SCHAU ESSEN" to "drawstring type" from the beginning of its release in 1985 in order to improve the appearance at the sales floor, but from next month it will gradually change to rectangular packaging. I decided.

The company says that it can reduce the amount of plastic used by about 30% because it aims to reduce the environmental burden.

In addition, the supermarket "Life Corporation" has decided to gradually switch to wooden and paper spoons and straws provided to shoppers from April.

The number of spoons and straws we provide is about 17 million a year, and the company says that by switching to wood etc., the amount of plastic used can be reduced by about 30 tons.

A law requiring businesses that provide large quantities of plastic products for free to take measures to reduce the number of products may come into effect in April, and this movement is likely to accelerate, especially in the retail industry.