China News Service, Lanzhou, January 24th (Ma Aibin) As the Spring Festival is approaching, in the open and tidy shed of the Kaicheng Ecological Breeding Professional Cooperative in Donghu Town, Minqin County, Wuwei, Gansu Province, sheep are running back and forth with joy and seeing workers Fill the feeding trough with forage, and the little lambs follow the "mother sheep", scrambling to "snatch the food".

  "These sheep are my treasures, very naughty..." Chai Shaocheng, the head of the cooperative, patted a sheep leaning forward and said with a smile that his job is to breed and breed meat sheep. In layman's terms, it is a " shepherd".

  In fact, Chai Shaocheng, the "shepherd", is not simple.

Using technical means such as selection and selection, artificial insemination, and cross-crossing fixation, he introduced high-quality mutton sheep breeds such as Hu sheep, Australian white and local small-tailed Han sheep for crossbreeding and multiplication. The breeding sheep breeding technology system produced has cultivated new high-generation hybrid sheep breeds with fast growth, good meat quality, strong disease resistance and prolific output.

The picture shows the sheep being raised.

Photo by Ma Aibin

  "Improved breeds are the 'chip' of the mutton sheep industry's physique, and also the 'source' of the high-quality development of animal husbandry." Chai Shaocheng said that this new superior breed maintains the fresh and tender meat taste of Hu sheep and Australian white, which is higher than other sheep of the same age With a meat yield of more than ten kilograms, and adhering to the excellent quality of the small-tailed Han sheep with multiple births in one year and multiple lambs in one litter, it is very popular in the market and can effectively help farmers to "seek sheep affairs", "prosper sheep wealth" and "explore wealth roads". .

  "Raising sheep and studying sheep is actually quite tiring. It requires perseverance and persistence. If you don't love this line of work, you can't persevere." Chai Shaocheng said.

  It is Chai Shaocheng's habit that he has been focusing on sheep raising for decades by inspecting sheep sheds, recording and collecting production data, and analyzing them to apply them to breeding, shed breeding, and epidemic prevention and control.

In the words of surrounding farmers: "The 'database' mastered by Chai Shaocheng can draw a linkage map of a sheep population, and he is like a 'living dictionary' of mutton sheep improvement techniques."

  In recent years, Minqin County has given full play to the advantages of geographical environment, sheep-raising tradition and industrial foundation, guided by the government, linked with agricultural enterprises, and integrated the three industries, implemented pure-bred breeding in breeding farms for unified seed supply, farmers bred lambs in conjunction with fattening communities, and fattening The whole industry chain development mechanism of centralized fattening and fixed-point sales, slaughtering enterprises to build brands, formula processing and supply of high-quality forage by forage enterprises, benefit chain and benefit sharing.

  In the new year, the "shepherd" has a "new plan": "With the transformation and upgrading of the Minqin mutton sheep industry, farmers have a new stage for their dreams of becoming rich, and I will use Minqin mutton sheep to be selected as a 'sweet' agricultural product' The opportunity of good Zhongyou' product catalogue will breed good sheep and increase farmers' income." Chai Shaocheng said.