With the Spring Festival approaching, how is the supply of energy and livelihood commodities?

The reporter learned from relevant departments on the 20th that at present, my country's coal, electricity, oil and gas transportation guarantees are generally stable, and the supply of people's livelihood commodities such as grain, oil, meat, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables is sufficient and stable, which can effectively guarantee economic development and people's living needs.

  The executive meeting of the State Council held a few days ago has deployed to further strengthen the guarantee of coal, electricity, oil and gas transportation and market supply in the next stage, especially during the Spring Festival. Uncertain factors such as the epidemic, market supervision and other aspects put forward requirements.

  "The work of ensuring energy supply and stabilizing prices has achieved phased results. Coal prices have returned to a reasonable range, coal storage in power plants has reached the highest level in history for the same period, power supply has continued to be stable, and natural gas resources have been adequately supplied." said Li Yunqing, director of the Economic Operation Regulation Bureau of the National Development and Reform Commission. .

  According to reports, as of January 16, 166 million tons of coal have been stored in power plants under unified national regulation, which can be used for 21 days, the highest level in history for the same period.

Gas for people's livelihood such as heating in the northern region has been adequately and stably supplied, and gas consumption in key areas such as gas-fired power generation and fertilizer production has also been well guaranteed. Prices remain stable.

  Li Yunqing introduced that the National Development and Reform Commission instructed coal-producing provinces, regions and coal production enterprises to maintain normal production, sales and delivery during the Spring Festival, and to do a good job in the connection of coal production, transportation and sales in a timely manner.

Increase the output of new energy power generation through multiple channels.

Promote full-load production of domestic oil and gas fields, and maintain safe and stable imports of crude oil, pipeline gas, and liquefied natural gas.

Pay close attention to important periods such as the Spring Festival holiday, the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics, strengthen operation scheduling, ensure a stable and orderly energy supply, resolutely maintain the bottom line of energy consumption for people's livelihood, and ensure the smooth operation of the economy and society.

  How to ensure the supply of "rice bags" and "vegetable baskets" during the Spring Festival?

  The reporter learned from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs that in 2021, my country's pig production recovery target task will be completed half a year ahead of schedule, pork production has increased significantly, and it has basically returned to the level of historical normal years. , the output of aquatic products is sufficient, and the supply of livestock and poultry aquatic products is fully guaranteed.

Fruits such as citrus are listed in large quantities, apples, pears and other fruits are abundant in stock, the fruit market is full of quantity and varieties, and the prices are relatively stable.

At present, the national vegetable field area is about 80 million mu, an increase of more than 2 million mu year-on-year. It is expected that the total vegetable supply in the next three months will be 170 million tons, an increase of 3.5 million tons year-on-year. In addition to winter vegetables, the supply of vegetables per person per day is about 170 million tons. 3 pounds of vegetables.

However, due to rising gasoline and diesel prices and seasonal factors, vegetable prices are expected to remain firm.

  "The overall judgment is that the supply of important commodities for people's livelihood during the Spring Festival and the Beijing Winter Olympics will be solidly guaranteed, and prices will remain stable." Xu Zhengbin, deputy director of the Economic Operation Adjustment Bureau of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that in 2021, grain production will reach a new high, and grain emergency processing will be carried out. With sufficient capacity, 36 large and medium-sized cities and regions with volatile markets maintained a relatively high level of finished grain and oil inventories.

Large and medium-sized cities have generally formulated plans for ensuring supply and stabilizing prices, enriching the reserves of small-package grain and oil, pork, and northern winter and spring vegetables. Some cities have temporarily increased the reserves of eggs and storable vegetables. Temporary subsidy or one-time subsidy was issued to people in need.

  The reporter learned that various localities have been actively taking various measures recently to ensure sufficient market supply and overall stable prices of important commodities for people's livelihood, and earnestly do a good job in guaranteeing the basic living conditions of the people in need.

  In response to the increase in demand for the Spring Festival, in order to increase the market supply of important livelihood commodities such as vegetables, Beijing has adopted a comprehensive "reward + subsidy" model to encourage large supermarket chains to increase the scale of purchases; support supply guarantee enterprises to organize supply sources into Beijing through multiple channels to expand business Inventory to ensure market supply.

From January 1 to 14, 2022, the average daily listing volume of vegetables in the city's seven wholesale markets will increase by more than 20% year-on-year; from November 1, 2021 to March 15, 2022, vegetables and vehicles in major agricultural wholesale markets will be exempted. Incoming transaction fees for the delivery of 5 types of domestic fruit.

  Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province guides state-owned and collective farmers' markets to play a leading role in demonstration and normal operation during the festival, while encouraging private farmers' markets to open their doors. There are currently the first batch of 172 farmers' markets, 14 brand chain supermarkets and 1,480 convenience stores. We are open for business normally during the Spring Festival holiday.

The 22 major wholesale markets in Shanghai all opened normally during the Spring Festival, and the opening rate and the rate of business personnel staying in Shanghai both reached over 80%.

  Recently, Tianjin, Shandong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangdong and other places have also stepped up efforts to provide basic living guarantees for people in need by issuing one-time price subsidies and implementing preferential supplies of materials for the Spring Festival.

  The executive meeting of the State Council requested that we continue to make plans to deal with uncertain factors such as severe weather and sudden epidemics, guide local governments to implement epidemic prevention and control measures, ensure smooth backbone transportation networks, strengthen the supply of living materials, and do a good job of fine-tuning the areas closed to the epidemic. Management, focus on giving play to social forces and the role of the community, and ensure the smooth distribution of "last mile" and "last meter" materials.

  Xu Zhengbin said that we will continue to strengthen the monitoring of market prices, supply, reserves, and the number of green vehicles in the epidemic areas, such as grain, oil, meat, eggs, vegetables and fruits, and keep abreast of market dynamics and reserves in a timely manner. , price monitoring and other aspects, do a good job in the guarantee of living materials and other related work to ensure that the market supply is sufficient and prices run smoothly.

At the same time, focus on coordinating relevant departments to facilitate the purchase, transportation and sales of living materials in the epidemic area, coordinate the surrounding provinces and regions to provide support to the epidemic area, and coordinate the relevant guarantee and supply enterprises to increase the guarantee of living materials in the epidemic area, and do a good job in the storage of finished grain and oil. Wait.