(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Zhuhai issued "Ten Measures to Help Enterprises in Anti-epidemic" to help enterprises fight the epidemic

  China News Service, Zhuhai, January 20 (Sun Qiuxia and Zhu Ruixuan) Zhuhai Municipal Taxation Bureau focuses on the actual needs of taxpayers and payers affected by the epidemic, and recently issued "Ten Measures to Help Enterprises Tax in Anti-epidemic" to implement preferential tax and fee policies for epidemic prevention and control. , extending the period for filing and paying taxes, improving the efficiency of tax processing, and simplifying the tax processing process to support enterprises in coping with the impact of the epidemic.

  Since Nanping Town was designated as a control area on January 15, Xinzheng Chinese Restaurant in Nanping Town, Zhuhai City has been unable to continue to operate. The owner of the restaurant, Fan Yuyuan, immediately went through the registration of suspension of business at the Electronic Taxation Bureau.

"It is very convenient to register for business closure now, and the procedures are also very simple. You only need to apply at the Electronic Taxation Bureau, and you can complete it in a few steps." Fan Yuyuan said: "I hope the epidemic will pass sooner, so that we can start business as soon as possible."

  In response to the difficulties faced by taxpayers in handling tax returns, the "Ten Articles of Helping Enterprises with Taxes to Fight the Epidemic" proposes to extend the January 2022 tax return deadline to January 27.

For taxpayers who still have difficulties in filing tax returns due to the impact of the epidemic after January 27, they can apply for a further extension of the declaration according to law.

For taxpayers who actually have serious difficulties in production and operation affected by the epidemic, the tax department shall promptly approve the application for extension of tax payment in accordance with the law.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the late declaration or late submission of relevant materials will be exempted from administrative penalties, and the relevant records will not be included in the tax credit evaluation.

For taxpayers who have not declared within the time limit due to the impact of the epidemic, they will not be identified as abnormal households in accordance with the current regulations.

  Zhuhai Matsushita Motor Co., Ltd. is located in Nanping Science and Technology Industrial Park, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City. Affected by the epidemic, the park where the company is located and the community where tax officers live have been designated as "no entry and exit" control areas, and tax returns cannot be processed.

Luo Jun, the company's chief financial officer, said: "Just when I was about to call the tax bureau to ask how to apply for the extension of the declaration, I received a push from the official account about the extension of the tax period. This policy is really 'carbon in the snow', exempting our concerns."

  In terms of tax and payment services, the "Ten Measures to Help Enterprises in Anti-epidemic" not only provide taxpayers and payers with a variety of online processing channels, but also further optimize the processing process, shorten the business processing time, and adopt the "commitment system". There is no need to go through the cancellation procedures to ensure that the quality of tax payment services during the epidemic will not drop but rise.

  In order to ensure normal production and operation, taxpayers can use the website of Guangdong Electronic Taxation Bureau, Guangdong Taxation APP, Natural Person Electronic Taxation Bureau, "Guangdong Taxtong" WeChat applet, V-Tax remote visual taxation platform and self-service taxation terminals, etc. Various "contactless" channels for tax-related business such as receipt of invoices and issuance of invoices on behalf of others.

The "Ten Articles of Tax Assistance for Anti-epidemic Enterprises" also clarifies that, except for tax violations and other circumstances, the number of VAT invoices and the maximum invoicing limit will not be reduced due to changes in the production and operation of taxpayers during the epidemic.

  In terms of supporting the production and operation of market players, Zhuhai's "Ten Measures to Help Enterprises in Fighting the Epidemic" in accordance with the national policy of reducing taxes and fees, put forward measures to "comprehensively support the development of small, medium and micro enterprises".

For example, small-scale VAT taxpayers whose monthly sales do not exceed 150,000 yuan or whose quarterly sales do not exceed 450,000 yuan are exempt from value-added tax.

The part of the annual taxable income of small and low-profit enterprises not exceeding 1 million yuan will be halved on the basis of the current preferential policies and levied on the enterprise income tax.

  In addition, the Zhuhai tax department has also implemented a policy of reducing unemployment insurance and work-related injury insurance rates in stages, extending the declaration and payment period for social insurance premiums in January 2022 to the end of February 2022, reducing the burden on enterprises.