Are cryptocurrency exchanges secure enough?

This is the question posed by the recent attack on the site.

A few days ago, in fact, suspicious unauthorized movements were observed on the accounts of certain users, as reported by the

Les Numériques

site on  Thursday.

In total, the hackers managed to embezzle the funds of 483 investors, for a total of 33.8 million dollars if we refer to the current price of these cryptocurrencies (ethers and bitcoins).

A sum that the criminals would have managed to launder Tuesday, January 18, using Tornado Cash, a tool to hide the links between the funds of origin and destination, as explained by the security company PeckShield to our colleagues.

$3.2 billion stolen in 2021

What worries experts in the field is the ease with which hackers have managed to circumvent the security system of the platform, yet considered one of the benchmarks in the field.

This attack, however, is not a first attempt.

According to the

2022 Crypto Crime Report

published by the company Chainalysis, 14 billion dollars would have been transferred in 2021 to illicit wallet addresses.

This is 78% more than in 2020. In terms of pure theft, the report estimates the value of stolen cryptocurrencies at $3.2 billion in 2021, which corresponds to an increase of 516% compared to 2020.

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