• Taxation Netflix paid 1.12 million in taxes in 2020 in Spain, more than double the previous year

  • Nationalism The audiovisual sector affirms that Netflix cannot be forced with 6% in Catalan: "Either they have deceived ERC or they have lent themselves to deception"

Netflix obtained a net profit of 5,116.2 million dollars (4,512 million euros) in 2021, which represents an improvement of 85.2% compared to the result recorded a year earlier by the American company for the distribution of movies and series 'online '.

In the last quarter of 2021, Netflix's profit grew by 12% year-on-year, to 607.4 million dollars (536 million euros), although this figure represented a 58% drop compared to the company's earnings between July and September.

In the last quarter of 2021, Netflix increased its worldwide subscriber base by 8.29 million, slightly less than expected, to

a total of 221.85 million paying users


Specifically, Netflix subscribers in the United States and Canada increased by 1.19 million, to 75.22 million;

in Europe, the Middle East and Africa they rose by 3.54 million to 74.04 million;

in Asia Pacific, subscribers grew by 2.58 million, to 32.63 million, while in Latin America they grew by 970,000 subscribers, to 39.96 million.

The income of the Los Gatos company in the whole of 2021 increased by 18.8%, to 29,697.8 million dollars (26,189 million euros), including a 16% growth in fourth quarter billing, up to 7,709, 3 million dollars (6,798 million euros).

On its side,

the company's costs increased by 13.5% in the year

, to 17,332 million dollars (15,285 million euros), with a total of 5,239 million dollars (4,620 million euros) in the fourth quarter, 25.8% more.

Looking ahead to the first quarter of 2022,

Netflix expects to increase its number of subscribers by 2.5 million

, which represents a sharp slowdown in growth from the 8.29 million new subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2021 and also compared to the 4 million added in the first quarter of last year.

Netflix shares, which closed the session on Thursday with a decline of 1.48% on Wall Street, suffered a 20% correction in the off-market session, which points to the collapse of the value on Friday.

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