China News Service, Beijing, January 21 (Reporter Liu Yuying) The 2021 express service satisfaction survey and time limit punctuality rate test results released by the State Post Bureau of China on the 21st show that in 2021, the express service time limit for key areas across the country will be 57.08 hours. It is 1.15 hours shorter than the same period last year.

  At the regular press conference held on the 21st, Bian Zuodong, deputy director of the Market Supervision Department of the State Post Bureau, said that compared with 2020, the express service time limit in 2021 will be on the rise, and the express service time limit in key areas across the country will be 72 hours. The punctuality rate has improved, especially the 48-hour punctuality rate reached 66.64%, an increase of 3.86 percentage points over 2020, and the improvement effect is obvious.

  Bian Zuodong said that this is mainly benefited from changes in three aspects: first, the express delivery "does not close" during the Spring Festival, which drives the timeliness level in the first quarter to be significantly higher than that in 2020; second, the company optimizes transportation routes, reduces the frequency of transit, and expands its own Various measures such as the scale of trunk line vehicles and the increase in the number of all-cargo aircraft have effectively shortened the trunk line transportation time; third, the common distribution method at the end is widely used, which not only saves costs, but also further improves delivery efficiency.

  The test also shows that in 2021, the satisfaction score of the after-sales link of the express delivery industry is 72.5 points, which is a significant improvement compared with 2020.

The top 15 cities in terms of public satisfaction scores are: Taiyuan, Wuhu, Baoji, Changchun, Yinchuan, Wuhan, Luohe, Wuxi, Linyi, Hefei, Nanning, Harbin, Dalian, Taizhou, and Zhengzhou.

The top 5 express service brands in terms of overall satisfaction and public satisfaction scores are: SF Express, JD Express, EMS, ZTO Express, and Yunda Express.