In response to the rapid spread of the infection, the Chugoku Bank, which has its head office in Okayama City, is taking measures to close the store for one hour during the day in order to reduce the number of employees who are in charge of window work based on the BCP = Business Continuity Plan. increase.

From the 21st, the Bank of China will divide employees into two or more teams at 106 stores in Okayama prefecture to reduce the number of people in each workplace and prevent them from contacting each other in order to prevent infection and continue operations. I started.

Along with this, the number of people who work at the counter has decreased, and it is necessary to secure breaks, so we are taking measures to close each store for one hour during the day.

At the main store in Kita-ku, Okayama City, a sign was placed to inform that it was closed during the day, and the shutter at the front entrance was once released at 11:30 am.

A woman in her 50s, who was visiting during work, said, "I was surprised because I didn't know that I would be closed. I wanted to change to a new bill for celebration, so I'm in trouble because I can't use the window."

We do not operate at the counter during holidays, but you can use the ATMs in the store, and the urgent requirement is to respond by phone.

Hiromi Yuasa, Deputy General Manager of the Chugoku Bank Head Office Sales Department, said, "There are times when waiting time increases and there are times when it is not available, but I would like you to understand that this is for business continuity."

The Chugoku Bank has begun similar measures at stores in Hiroshima and Osaka, and in Okayama Prefecture, Tomato Bank is also closed during the day from this week.