95% of young people in the UAE are interested in IT jobs

A recent survey prepared by Kaspersky for Cyber ​​Security Systems, which addresses issues related to distance education, and children's attitudes towards jobs available in the field of information technology, revealed that 95% of young people and children in the UAE find working in the field of information technology interesting.

The study, which was obtained by "Emirates Today", a copy of its data, which was conducted through the "Toluna" Research Foundation, in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa, indicated that 84% of young people in the UAE and countries in the region want to work in the field of information technology in the future. The results of the survey found that only 8% of adolescents did not think about their future professional orientations, and a similar percentage expressed their unwillingness to work in this field.

The study, which included the participation of 1,563 people, showed that 33% of secondary school students expressed an interest in obtaining in-company training, but were unable to obtain it.

Also, 11% of the respondents stated that they are not interested in this type of training because they do not know where to find the appropriate information about it.

And 33% of teens were able to access training programs offered by technology companies.

In turn, the parents participating in the survey showed their interest in the future prospects of information technology for their children. Most of them (81%) expressed their desire for their children to obtain a higher education in the field of information technology, while 60% stated that their children attend online technical courses or lessons in the fields of information technology. Specializing in programming and robotics.

And 31% of parents think that their children will take such lessons.

The study on the aspects of distance education operations indicated that 48% of the students included in the study use their own smart phones in the distance education processes, while 41% of the parents covered in the study indicated that they had to buy or lend computers and mobile phones to their children to start education. remotely, while a large percentage of 96% of parents were concerned about some children spending a long time in front of phone screens.

In turn, Ara Araklian, Director of Human Resources in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa at Kaspersky, said that there is a tangible global trend towards increasing interest in jobs available in the field of information technology, stressing that the same trend is noticeable in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa.

He added, "Parents and children are aware of the high potential of the technical field, which can be observed even in everyday life, but the results of the survey, on the other hand, showed that teens sometimes find it difficult to find the necessary information that may help them to obtain institutional vocational training and work experience. In projects on the ground, which is a trend that we should work on improving.”

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