On the 17th, the 2022 Spring Festival travel started.

Judging from the data on the first day of the Spring Festival, this year's civil aviation passenger travel shows the characteristics of "booking early".

In terms of order volume, one week before the start of the Spring Festival travel, that is, from January 10 to January 16, the number of orders for booking tickets for the 2022 Spring Festival travel increased by more than 70% month-on-month.

  On the first day of the Spring Festival, 780,000 passengers were transported by civil aviation across the country. Judging from the number of flights and the number of passengers, this year's Spring Festival civil aviation travel showed the characteristics of "early start and high demand for returning home to visit relatives".

Compared with the same period last year, the price of return air tickets in many parts of the country has shown an upward trend.

In addition to traditional popular cities, cities such as Harbin, Shenyang, and Changchun have also become popular destinations during the Spring Festival due to the influence of the Winter Olympics ice and snow sports this year.

  Chen Linan, director of Ctrip's public affairs department:

The average price of Spring Festival travel this year is around 800 yuan, an increase of more than 40% compared with 2021.

  The main reason for the increase in air ticket prices during the Spring Festival travel this year is that the direct flights have been cancelled in many places, and the air ticket prices in areas where direct flights have been retained have increased year-on-year.

The reporter's inquiry found that there are only two direct flights a day, such as the Beijing-Guizhou Bijie route, and the ticket price for the first three days of New Year's Eve is about 1,800 yuan, and most of the tickets have been sold out.

However, if the price of the connecting flight is about 1,500 yuan, passengers need to spend between 2 hours and 6 hours transiting in cities such as Hangzhou and Guiyang.

  The reporter learned that because most passengers choose to travel at different peaks, the trend of the Spring Festival travel journey this year is relatively flat, and there will be no concentrated peaks.

Up to now, the air tickets for the first three days of New Year's Eve are relatively abundant, and there are discount fares for individual routes for passengers to choose from.

In addition, the civil aviation department reminded that due to the impact of the epidemic, the uncertainty of future flights has increased, and passengers need to pay close attention to travel information.