China News Service, Beijing, January 19 (Reporter Liu Yuying) China Telecom launched the 96110 anti-fraud platform on the 19th, which can effectively deal with 12 categories such as loan fraud, naked chat fraud, billing fraud, and pornographic gambling fraud, with more than 4.8 million entries. Fraud URL or APP for intelligent identification.

  The special number "96110" is "city area code + 96110", which is the national unified anti-fraud prevention telephone. Through the 96110 anti-fraud cloud platform, it can be used for daily anti-fraud publicity, pre-warning and reminders, accurate dissuasion during events, and assistance in solving cases after the event. Empowering, through a series of "combination punches", assists in combating and preventing online fraud, and provides "big data mid-brain" for political, legal, public security and anti-fraud.

  When a user receives a call from a suspected fraudulent call, the 96110 Anti-Fraud Council will warn and discourage it, and the flash message content of "The public security organ reminds you that the number is a suspected fraudulent call" will be displayed on the screen of the mobile phone, reducing the probability of the victim being deceived.

When a user visits a suspected fraudulent website or APP, 96110 Anti-Fraud will block the user's access operation in real time, use technical means to block the information flow of fraudulent dissemination, and advance the case prevention and control to the pre-event stage. On the one hand, it also saves a lot of police resources.

  At present, the 96110 anti-fraud platform has been put into use in more than 10 cities in Jiangsu, 11 cities in Zhejiang province, Jiangxi, Gansu and other parts of the country, assisting the local public security system to weave an anti-fraud network.

  In March 2021, the intelligent identification and interception system for fraudulent websites in 96110 anti-fraud was first launched in Changzhou, Jiangsu.

Within half a year, 3.1 million fraudulent websites were identified and blocked.

According to statistics from the Anti-Fraud Center of the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department, after the platform went online, the province's police fraud cases dropped by 30% year-on-year.

Based on the average single case amount of 40,000 yuan in 2020, the platform has saved nearly 800 million yuan in half a year.

(Zhongxin Finance Studio)