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  As the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger is approaching, the competition for high-end beer industry has been upgraded and accelerated again, and the upward movement of the price band has become the most obvious signal.

Following the launch of the high-end beer "Li" by China Resources Beer last year, Tsingtao Beer and Budweiser Beer have recently launched high-end beer with a price of 1,000 yuan, which is comparable to Feitian Moutai.

  With more high-priced beers on the market, does high price mean high-end?

In the era of stock competition, how can the high-end beer enterprises be recognized by the market?

  The price is comparable to Maotai

  There is no most expensive, only more expensive.

In the first half of 2021, China Resources Beer launched its ultra-high-end new product "Li", priced at 999 yuan per box (2 bottles).

Following "Li", Tsingtao Beer and Budweiser Beer have successively launched high-end products.

The price of Tsingtao Brewery's "Legend of the World" art collection ultra-high-end products is 1,399 yuan/bottle (1.5 liters).

Budweiser's "Budweiser Master Legend Tiger Year Limited Edition" also came into being before the Spring Festival, with a price tag of 1,588 yuan per bottle (798ml).

  Hou Xiaohai, CEO of China Resources Beer, once said that "Li" has no comparable products in the beer industry, but "Li" and Maotai are not at the same table.

It is reported that the opportunity for China Resources Beer to launch "Li" originated in 2018. At that time, Song Shuyu, the current chairman of the China Alcoholic Drinks Association, said at the Beer TOP5 conference that there is a lot of Chinese culture in liquor, but very little beer.

With the fierce competition between Chinese and foreign brands, Chinese beer is bound to need to add some Chinese culture.

  Inspired by this, Hou Xiaohai said that China Resources Snow Beer, as a leading enterprise in the beer industry, has the responsibility and mission to promote Chinese beer culture, and to make a wine called "Li".

  Tsingtao Beer "Legend of the World" achieves a mellow taste that was once unattainable in whole-wheat brewing with its original wort concentration of 23.9P° and an alcohol content of ≥10.5% vol, allowing consumers to fully enjoy the unique taste experience of beer.

In addition, "Legend of the World" completely breaks the limit of beer storage time, and the 3-year fresh tasting period makes the beer have a new collection value and artistic charm.

  The Budweiser Master Legend Tiger Year Limited Edition launched by Budweiser is very different from ordinary beer in terms of raw materials, brewing process and packaging design.

According to reports, the Budweiser Masters Legendary Tiger Year limited edition beer is additionally added with rye and deeply roasted chocolate malt, based on the traditional brewing of Bavarian monks, combined with modern brewing technology.

  Premiumization takes time to settle

  China Resources, Tsingtao Brewery, and Budweiser have all launched high-priced beers, and the beer industry has reached a new level of high-end development.

But with high-priced beer products popping up on the market, does high price equal high-end?

sparked market discussions.

  Regarding high-priced beer, some netizens directly shouted: "I.Q. tax!" Some netizens said frankly: "As long as someone wants to drink, how much a bottle is his freedom!" However, high-priced beer consumers buy it or not?

The reporter of "Securities Daily" learned that more netizens are concerned that, compared with liquor, "the longer it is, the more valuable it is", the shelf life of beer may make it difficult to have a market for high prices.

Some netizens said, "Beer has a shelf life. It is different from liquor. Liquor is more valuable the longer it is stored, but beer is just the opposite."

  Data from an e-commerce platform shows that since its launch on January 9, Tsingtao Beer’s “Legend of the World” has achieved monthly sales of 100+, with a shelf life of 36 months; China Resources Beer’s “Li” has a monthly sales of 300+, with a shelf life of 24 months.

  Xiao Zhuqing, director of Sichuan Fengqiuhuang Investment Management Co., Ltd., told the "Securities Daily" reporter, "Beer's fast-moving properties determine that it is not conducive to collection and investment, which is the biggest difference from liquor. High-end beer needs to be in accurate Under the guidance of consumer opinion leaders, as well as long-term market cultivation in interactive promotion and tasting experience, the market capacity can be expanded.”

  "Some consumer groups have a habit of cognition that you get what you get for every price. Because it is good, it is expensive, and expensive is expensive. Because of this, it provides convenience for corporate marketing strategies." Du Meng, chairman of China Enterprise Capital Alliance Express.

  High-end is the main line of competition in the beer industry. In the stock market, how can high-end beer companies make the market pay the bill and occupy the consumption position in advance?

  "In fact, although the sales volume of high-end beer in the thousand-yuan price band is relatively small, it is mainly a conceptual product, which more represents the brewing process and quality of the enterprise. The gold content of the brand needs a symbol to prove." Xiao Zhuqing said that thousand yuan Although there is no sales of beer, the company is willing to be a benchmark and a brand support point. This thousand-yuan beer can be given as a gift in the winery's external exchanges, and it can also be used as a showy gift for the agent. Consumption, meaning major.

  Xiao Zhuqing further said, "In the liquor industry, when Luzhou Laojiao launched Guojiao 1573 and Shede Liquor launched Tuopai, there was a long process of brand building. First of all, there is value before the monetization of value, and then there is Price, how to build a brand's sense of value requires time accumulation, products, and more stories. Creating consumers' psychological price expectations is a long process, requiring time, stories, processes, and consumer opinions. It takes leadership to lead.”

  "At present, beer companies are more of a brand display, and consumers may not have the willingness to spend when positioning ultra-high-end, but for beer companies, brand promotion is greater than the actual role. In the future, the beer market will enter a more segmented stage. , that is, there will be six different consumption levels in the market: ultra-high-end, high-end, mid-to-high-end, mid-end, mid-low-end, and low-end, and consumers can choose the corresponding beer grades according to their own needs.” said Zhu Danpeng, a senior researcher at the China Brand Research Institute. .

(Securities Daily)