Sharp, a major electronics manufacturer, has developed a new material that can adjust the humidity of a closed space to the optimum humidity according to the characteristics of the stored items.

It is expected to be used for storing musical instruments and food.

Sharp has developed two new solid materials, a sheet type and a bead type with a diameter of about 5 mm, which can keep the enclosed space at the optimum humidity.

It can be adapted to the humidity you want to maintain, such as materials that maintain 40% humidity and materials that maintain 60% humidity, and it does not require a power source and keeps it constant while absorbing and releasing moisture.

For example, a bead type that is adjusted to maintain humidity at about 40% to 50% is suitable for storing musical instruments such as violins, and if it is about 70%, wine is suitable in a wine cellar. It means that it is possible to store various things such as promoting the aging of wine.

Furthermore, the sheet type is expected to have the effect of preventing dew condensation by using it on the walls of houses and shipping containers.

Sharp is also good at temperature control in the technology for developing liquid crystals, and we are aiming to commercialize this new material that focuses on humidity this spring.

Katsuichi Kamura, Chief of the Sharp R & D Business Headquarters, said, "Development began because of the need to maintain humidity. In the future, we would like to explore its use in the medical and health fields."