Recently, KFC and Bubble Mart launched a blind box package, which attracted public attention.

Such marketing is suspected of inducing consumers to irrationally over-buy food, resulting in a large amount of food waste, which is infuriating.

  The blind box package is the product of blind box marketing.

Whether blind box marketing is appropriate can still be discussed.

However, not everything can be "blind box +"!

As a catering company, especially a fast food business, you should know the importance of the shelf life of food, and also understand the importance of time-limited cooking, time-limited selling and time-limited consumption.

Such marketing gimmicks stimulate consumption impulses and lead to serious waste, which goes against social morality and goes against the social responsibilities of well-known enterprises.

Being named, criticized, and criticized, it shows that once the blind box invades the catering field, it is easy to create "waste on the tip of the tongue", and it will only be a mistake and failed, grandstanding marketing.

  Marketing is not a hype, nor can it violate the law.

The Anti-Food Waste Law clearly stipulates that "catering service operators shall not induce or mislead consumers to order excess food".

The "Blind Box +" meal is a marketing plan with no law in the eyes, and it is a bold and naked adventure.

  In the past, "blind box +" pets ignored the right to life of animals, and blind box became "death box"; "blind box +" beauty, behind the novel form, there were many expiring products, and blind box became "boxing".

Nowadays, the waste caused by "blind box +" meals following the trend has turned blind boxes into "food boxes", and many people buy boxes and give up food.

Such waste of resources while peddling goods is not only a sour taste, but a deformity!

  In the blind box mode, scarcity and addiction, panic buying and hoarding, hype and drive-up are closely linked. Businesses trying to make profits tend to mass-produce, and consumers who are trapped in it tend to buy in large quantities, regardless of whether the boxes contain food or dolls. , stationery or other things, the demand is limited, resulting in a large amount of unnecessary waste, which is a waste of resources, and it will be shocking over time.

  It can be said that the chaos of the blind box points to a problem: this type of marketing creates scarcity, malicious drainage, obscures rationality, and leads to blind consumption. In addition to satisfying the profit-making purpose of merchants, it can only bring about chaos in the marketing environment and disorder in the order of consumption.

The more popular products and phenomena with blind box attributes are, the more consumers should be reminded to keep their eyes open and rational, and the more they should call on the regulatory authorities to strengthen guidance and governance.

In this sense, the "exaggerated wind", "waste wind" and "blind wind" brought by the "blind box wind" must take a moment!

  Some companies are advised to think twice and act prudently, and some business models are also advised to return to normal and healthy.

(North Shore)