Today (18th), more than 32 trillion won was raised in a day as people who wanted to receive shares of LG Energy Solutions, a battery maker, started to subscribe. The stock subscription runs until tomorrow, and is likely to record the largest amount ever.

This is reporter Jeon Yeon-nam.


A branch of a securities company in Seoul.

It used to be a quiet place, but today it is crowded from the start.

We have high expectations that we will be able to make huge profits if we receive shares of LG Group's battery company, Energy Solution, to be listed.

[Kim Ae-ran / Yangcheon-gu, Seoul: I don't know much about stocks and securities. Now that I've done it little by little, I've tried it whether it works or not.]

There are quite a few people who are trying to subscribe for public shares for the first time, including customers who have come with thick cash bags.

The younger generation heard how to open an account and subscribe with a smartphone and took on the challenge themselves.

[Jung Yun-ji / Yangcheon-gu, Seoul: Even now, if you want to open a non-face-to-face account with the application, you have to wait for several minutes just for the resident registration card… .]

As of today, the number of accounts subscribed was 2375,000, and the margin exceeded KRW 32 trillion.

If all subscriptions are completed by tomorrow, it is expected that the record will be the highest in the number of accounts and in the amount.

As the subscription craze blows, it is expected that there will be many cases of not receiving a share of the stock.

Half of the stocks allocated to the general public are equally distributed to all subscription participants, because the competition rate is so high that stocks have to be allocated through a lottery.

In the other half, the more you put in the margin, the more shares you can get.

Unlike LG Energy Solutions, which is collecting astronomical investments, the share price of LG Chem, the parent company that took off the battery, showed a downward trend today.

Investors are also calling for a change in the split listing system.

(Video coverage: Kim Heung-sik, video editing: Choi Eun-jin)