Mizuho Financial Group's next president, Kihara, and others, who suffered from a series of system failures, held a press conference and emphasized the desire to thoroughly prevent recurrence, which was included in the business improvement plan, and to improve the corporate culture, and to restore trust as soon as possible.

On the 17th, Mizuho Financial Group submitted to the Financial Services Agency a business improvement plan that includes measures to prevent recurrence, such as securing system-related personnel and improving the corporate culture.

In response to this, Mr. Masahiro Kihara, who will be appointed president next month, and Mr. Katsuhiko Kato, who will be appointed president of the bank in April, held a press conference.

Among them, the next president, Kihara, expressed the recognition that Mizuho is at a critical moment, such as the increase in account cancellations due to a series of system failures. I will take the lead in restoring the trust of our customers and society at an early stage and becoming a useful presence. "

In addition, the next president, Kato, said, "We will draw out the power of our employees and put them into practice, fulfill the social mission of the bank, and devote ourselves to helping our customers."

At Mizuho, ​​system failures occurred last month and this month while we were compiling improvement plans, and we can restore trust by thoroughly preventing recurrence and improving our corporate culture under the new management system. Is the issue.