News from this newspaper (Reporter Wang Bin) Yesterday, the 2022 Beijing Spring Festival New Year's Eve Flower Show officially opened. Citizens can go to 11 large and medium-sized flower markets and 5 gardening stations in the city to buy New Year's Eve flowers, adding a festive atmosphere to the home. .

A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned from the Municipal Landscaping Bureau that this year, the supply of locally produced New Year's Eve flowers in Beijing is about 5 million pots, adding small and medium-sized Phalaenopsis varieties and fresh-cut flower varieties, which are more suitable for home gardening consumption needs.

This year's Spring Festival Flower Show has also innovated the sales and service model. The "Beijing Flowers" WeChat mini-program was put into trial operation yesterday. Citizens can buy New Year flowers with guaranteed quality without leaving home.

  On the morning of January 15, a reporter from Beiqing Daily came to the Beijing Flower Trading Center near the World Flower Grand View Garden on the South Fourth Ring Road. After upgrading, it reopened on the day of the 2022 Beijing Spring Festival Flower Show.

Walking into it, all kinds of potted flowers and fresh cut flowers are dazzling, and the strong taste of the New Year is blowing.

Many citizens took the elderly and children to buy flowers for the New Year's Eve, and there were experts on the scene to explain the maintenance knowledge to customers.

  According to Wang Jiahuan, the person in charge of the site, the renovated Beijing Flower Trading Center covers an area of ​​8,000 square meters and is divided into a horticultural hall and a flower hall.

Among them, the horticultural hall includes its own brand flagship store, flower planting area, aquarium area and Chaowan area, and the flower hall sells fresh cut flowers, gardening materials and pots.

"This year, we have prepared a wide variety of New Year's Eve flowers for the general public. The stock of potted flowers is nearly 2 million pots, and there are about 300,000 fresh cut flowers."

  A reporter from Beiqing Daily noticed that compared with traditional flower shops, the prices of flowers in the Beijing Flower Trading Center are more affordable to the people.

The price of a bunch of 10 lilies is about 90 yuan, the price of foreign peonies is 25 yuan, and the price of a small pot of phalaenopsis is about 35 yuan.

At the scene, many products were tethered to labels with "three codes" printed on them - online store code, product code and product traceability source code. Consumers can scan the code to check the basic information of the product, origin information, time to market, etc.

  According to Li Meixia, a senior engineer at the Industrial Development Department of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscaping, this year's local New Year's Eve flowers in Beijing are mainly phalaenopsis, longevity, anthurium, crab claw orchid, cyclamen and other potted flowers, with a total of about 5 million. Pots, lilies, chrysanthemums and other cut flowers more than 1 million.

Although the epidemic prevention and control is still in the normal state, the sales atmosphere of the New Year's Eve flower market is positive, with a variety of varieties and sufficient stock.

Compared with previous years, there are more varieties of small and medium-sized Phalaenopsis this year, and there are more varieties of small potted herbs such as Xiaolihua and wind chimes.

At the same time, the variety of fresh cut flowers has increased, and high-end cut branches such as North American holly, wax plum, and forsythia are popular.

There are also new varieties of potted flowers such as jasmine, and new types of cut flowers processed by high-tech means, which can meet the different purchasing needs of citizens.

"Generally speaking, the Beijing New Year's Eve flower market is dominated by home gardening products, featuring miniaturization and high-quality products, which can better meet the needs of home gardening consumption."

  This year, for the first time, Beijing has cooperated with major gardening stations to provide citizens with more places to buy flowers for the New Year's Eve.

Consumers can visit Dongfeng International Flower Market, Beijing International Flower Port Green Plant and Flower Distribution Center, Beijing Huaxiang Flower Creative Park, Huaxiang Flower Gardening Center, Beijing Huaxiang Flower Carnival Culture and Art Co., Ltd., and Beijing Liangxiang Manor Flower and Gardening Market. , Beijing Jinyuan Fortune Flower Market, Beijing Beilangzhong Flower and Tree Center, Beijing Xinfadi Flower Market, Guomen No. 1 Flower Creative Park, Beijing Beizang Flower Co., Ltd., Tongzhou Zhangjiawan Station, Dongcheng Longtan Gardening Station, Chongyang Flower House Gardening Station, Shuangxiu Station, Huahuijia Gardening Station and other 11 large and medium-sized flower markets and 5 gardening stations in the city to buy New Year flowers.

  In addition, this year's Beijing Spring Festival Flower Show has innovated the sales and service model while retaining the traditional offline sales, and launched a new online flower purchase channel.

The WeChat applet "Beijing Flowers" was launched for trial operation yesterday.

A reporter from the Beiqing Daily noticed that more than 30 flower companies have been collected in the applet, and citizens can buy flowers of different shapes online, as well as green plants, succulents, flowers and nutritious soil, gardening tools, etc.