Maud Descamps, edited by Solène Delinger 06:06, January 14, 2022

While electricity prices continue to soar on the European market, the State has asked EDF to make an effort to contain the French electricity bill.

EDF will sell more electricity at knockdown prices to its competitors.

Why will this measure allow our bill not to rise too much in 2022?

The government will ask EDF to sell more electricity at low prices to its competitors, in order to keep its promise to limit the increase in the French electricity bill to 4% in 2022. How will this measure prevent our bill from rising too high?

Explanations from Europe 1. 

The winning consumer

Since the opening of the electricity market, EDF must sell part of its electricity at a fixed price: 42 euros per megawatt-hour to other suppliers such as Total Direct Energie, Engie or ENI.

But this quantity of electricity at a fixed price is limited, which obliges these suppliers to buy electricity on the European market.

However, prices have been soaring for several weeks.

And that's what affects our bill.

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The Minister of the Economy Bruno le Maire has therefore obtained from EDF that he sell 20% more electricity to his competitors.

An operation that will cost EDF dearly: 6 to 7 billion euros.

But at the end of the chain, it is the consumer who wins.

This will make it possible to maintain the price increase at 4% for individuals.

This was the promise made by Jean Castex. 

Bercy ensures that it will ensure that electricity suppliers pass this mechanism on to all bills, including those of businesses.

The Minister for Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili should very soon bring together all the suppliers so that they make a commitment to do so.