On January 14, Li Kuiwen, spokesperson of the General Administration of Customs and director of the Department of Statistics and Analysis, said at a press conference that in 2021, my country's foreign trade import and export will achieve rapid growth, breaking through the two thresholds of 5 trillion and 6 trillion US dollars within the year. , the scale has reached a new high, the quality has been steadily improved, and the "14th Five-Year Plan" foreign trade has achieved a good start.

  Li Kuiwen said that the main factors supporting the growth of my country's foreign trade are as follows:

First, my country maintains a global leading position in economic development and epidemic prevention and control.

In 2021, my country's economy will continue to recover, new steps will be taken to build a new development pattern, new results will be achieved in high-quality development, and major economic indicators will maintain rapid growth.

my country's economy is resilient, and the fundamentals of long-term improvement will not change. Domestic production and consumption demand provide strong support for the steady growth of foreign trade.

According to customs statistics, in 2021, the import and export of my country's intermediate products will increase by 24.9% and 28.6% respectively, and the import of consumer goods will increase by 9.9%.

Second, the global economy maintains a recovery trend.

In 2021, the global economy as a whole will show a recovery trend. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund both predict that the world economy will grow by more than 5%, and the World Trade Organization predicts that the global trade in goods will increase by 10.8%.

In 2021, the growth rate of my country's exports to the EU and Africa will exceed 20%, and the growth rate of exports to Latin America will exceed 40%.

In terms of products, on the basis of the high growth of the previous year, in 2021, my country's exports of notebook computers, tablet computers, household appliances and other products related to the home economy will increase by 13.2%; the export of medicinal materials and medicines will increase by 101.2%, which strongly supports the global Anti-epidemic.

Third, the effects of policies and measures to stabilize growth continued to show.

Since last year, my country has introduced a series of policies and measures to stabilize the main body, stabilize the market, and ensure the stability and smoothness of the foreign trade industrial chain and supply chain. tax, increase financing support for small, medium and micro enterprises and manufacturing enterprises, deepen the reform of "delegating power, delegating power and improving services", continuously optimizing the business environment, accelerating the development of new formats and models of foreign trade, further deepening the reform of cross-border trade facilitation, and promoting free trade Reform and innovation of trade and investment facilitation in the pilot zone, etc.

These series of policies have been carefully implemented, and their effects have been continuously released, which has helped foreign trade enterprises to solve difficulties, greatly stimulated the vitality of market players, and became an important support for the steady growth of foreign trade.

  Li Kuiwen also said that the current global epidemic has fluctuated and fluctuated, and the external environment has become more complex, severe and uncertain. The relative advantage and base effect of my country's economy to recover first may weaken. In 2022, my country's foreign trade development will face more uncertain, unstable and unbalanced factors.

At the same time, we must also see that my country's economy is resilient, and the fundamentals of long-term improvement will not change, and it will continue to provide strong support for stabilizing foreign trade.