Has your investment shrunk?

   Some fund managers say that "you lose your mother-in-law's pension for a year" Professionals advise young people not to invest too much principal in the initial stage

  Since the bull market in 2020, more and more young people have gradually become the main force of fund management.

According to the "China Household Wealth Payment Report", among the new "basic citizens" in 2020, the post-90s under the age of 30 account for more than half.

However, the stock market has been on a roller coaster ride since last year.

Especially since the beginning of this year, the fund has fallen sharply, causing many "new Christians" to complain.

Experts said that in the turbulent market, Xinjimin must remember not to invest a lot of capital, and always put risk in the first place.

  Netizens shouted to fund managers to "take your father-in-law's money to cover the positions"

  Since the beginning of the year in 2022, the net value of equity funds has fallen significantly, and the fund has fallen frequently on hot searches. Even many fund managers are complaining about the difficulty of the market.

Recently, Sheng Fengyan, the quantitative investment director of Western Profit Fund, posted a Weibo "spit" saying: "I haven't dared to go to my mother-in-law's house for a meal after falling in the past few days." He also replied to netizens that he lost his mother-in-law's pension for one year in one month. .

Some netizens asked him to use his father-in-law's money to make up the position, and Sheng Fengyan replied, "Father-in-law's money is also buried."

  According to the data of Oriental Fortune Choice, Sheng Fengyan currently manages 8 funds with a scale of 9.16 billion yuan under management. The most current type of funds under management is the enhanced index type; 7 of the 8 funds have a negative net value growth since the beginning of this year. The net value of 4 funds fell by more than 8%.

  From the perspective of investment type, most of the funds managed by Sheng Fengyan are enhanced index type, which mainly enhances product returns through quantitative means.

  Compared with the good start trend and the hot fund issuance market in 2021, 2022 will be particularly deserted.

Choice data shows that as of January 10, the average return of active stock funds this year was -4.43%, the average return of hybrid funds was -3.06%, and the average return of passive index funds was -2.48%.

Data show that nearly 60% of equity funds have lost money since the beginning of this year, and the net value of more than 400 funds (calculated separately by shares) has fallen by more than 8%. Even the solid income + funds that performed well last year have an average decline of nearly 1% during the year.

  The income of 5% but outperformed the Christian Democrats by more than 70%

  The bleak market conditions also adversely affected the launch of new funds.

Wind data shows that in the first week of 2022, a total of 31 new funds entered the fundraising period, and none of them announced that they would end their fundraising ahead of schedule.

In contrast, in the first five trading days of the first week of 2021, a total of 8 "Sunlight Funds" were born, and 5 funds were established with a scale of over 10 billion yuan.

  Among them, a total of 17 new funds launched their debuts on January 4, many of which are potentially explosive products that are helmed by some star fund managers and are generally expected to be "sold out in one day" in the industry.

However, news that the overall distribution of all channels was lower than expected began to come out at noon that day, and none of the new funds could break the 1 billion mark in half a day.

After all-day efforts, only two "mainstream" funds raised more than 1 billion yuan through all channels.

According to a fund source, on January 4, the issuance of new funds by major sales channels was not ideal. It is understood that it is difficult for a single fund issued by some large state-owned banks in a single day to raise more than 100 million yuan. .

  The fading effect of funds making money is an important reason why investors are not enthusiastic about entering the market.

In 2021, even if some funds have doubled, in the differentiated structural market, the vast majority of Christian Democrats have poor returns.

An investor said that last year, his income in Tiantian Fund was only 5%, but he outperformed Christian Democrats by more than 70%.

The Alipay income chart posted by another investor shows that the yield in 2021 is 9%, outperforming Shanghai Jimin by more than 90%.

  How do ordinary investors choose funds

  Can public funds be bought?

Judging from the data, as of the end of 2021, the average annualized rate of return of stock-oriented funds is 16.60%, which is 10.19% higher than the average increase of the Shanghai Composite Index over the same period, and the average annualized rate of return of bond funds is 6.85%, exceeding the current three-year time deposit. Interest rate 4.10%.

The overall performance of public funds is still very stable, and public offerings are still very fragrant.

  Regarding the pullback of the fund’s net value at the beginning of the year, Niu Yong, manager of Huatai-Pineapple Fund, said: “There has not been a major change in the short-term fundamentals of the new energy track, and the fundamentals have not undergone major changes. Most of the pullbacks caused by emotions and funds are temporary."

  In fact, from the perspective of a longer period, public active equity funds still contribute to investors a good long-term investment return with obvious excess returns.

Taking three years as a cycle, SDIC UBS, Agricultural Bank of China, and HSBC Jintrust Fund have all generated funds with 5 times the return.

In the A-share market in the past five years, in the frequent switching of market styles, the bulls and bears of the sector are also constantly rotating.

The active stock fund with the highest shareholding position has an average return of 139% in the past five years, and the partial stock mixed fund is 129%. The average return of the active equity fund and the mixed fund in the same period is also more than 100%.

  If we look at a longer 10-year cycle, the data shows that the advanced manufacturing of Bank of Communications managed by Liu Peng has made a big profit of 1056.44%, which is the only 10 times fund in the past ten years.

Many funds such as Galaxy Innovation Growth managed by Zheng Weishan and Xingquan Herun managed by Xie Zhiyu have also achieved an increase of more than 8 times in 10 years.

  How should ordinary investors choose fund products?

Professionals said that buying funds should not chase high.

Like stocks, chasing up and down is easy to fall into.

Wang Shanfei, investment director of Shanghai Liangwei Assets, said that in general, choosing a fund is choosing a fund manager, and judging whether a fund manager is good or not depends on four aspects: performance, work experience, investment style and company team.

First, historical performance is the most intuitive indicator that reflects the ability of fund managers to create returns and control risks; second, look at work experience, and fund managers with longer investment years have more past performance for reference; third, look at investment style. The common fund manager styles in the market are mainly divided into three categories: growth type, value type and balanced type. Finally, it is the fund manager's team that needs to be paid attention to. The resources of the platform will have a great impact on the performance of the fund.


  The fund comment area has become a popular blind date corner

  Data show that the post-90s generation accounted for more than half of the newly added "Christians".

For the "New Foundation", funds are not only financial products, but more like a social tool.

Many young people regard financial management as a joy in life, instead of taking the temporary gains and losses of funds as seriously as in the past.

  Some people think that the post-90s generation has not yet entered the society for a long time. Even if they manage financial management, the fund plate is not large, so they regard financial management as entertainment. After all, they can chat with friends at the dinner table.

They often post their earnings in the circle of friends and evaluate fund managers.

This is also an important factor in the frequent hot searches of funds and fund managers in recent years.

Last year, Zhang Kun, the manager of E Fund Fund, was once a god in the hearts of investors born in the 1990s and 2000s. However, with the weakness of Zhang Kun's funds, Zhang Kun also lost his former halo.

  However, fund companies are also targeting the characteristics of young investors to attract the attention of this investment group.

As a popular China Merchants CSI Baijiu Index Fund, a China Merchants Liquor Blind Date Meeting has also been set up to provide investors with opportunities to communicate. The fund's comment area has become a popular blind date corner.

Although netizens shouted "Barbie Q" (an Internet term, meaning too miserable), they are still determined to continue on the road of investment.

  Top 10 Funds with Decline in the Past Week

  Penghua Aerospace and Military Industry Index (LOF) C -12.86%

  Penghua Aerospace and Military Industry Index (LOF) A -12.86%

  Huaxia Industrial Upgrade Mix -12.53%

  Penghua Defense C -12.45%

  Qianhai Open Source AVIC Military Industry Index -12.43%

  Penghua Defense A -12.35%

  Huaxia Military Safety Mixed A -11.89%

  Huaxia Military Safety Mix C -11.89%

  Morgan Stanley Mixed Innovation A -11.56%

  Morgan Stanley Mass Innovation Hybrid C -11.56%

  Investment Tips

  Sticking to fixed investment during the sharp decline can reduce income volatility

  "It is more difficult to accurately step on the market and enter the market than to catch a flying knife in the air." Regarding the fund market in 2022, what do the institutions and fund managers who are in the front line of the investment camp think?

  Star Stone Investment believes that the stock market correction at the beginning of the year is due to the fact that in 2021, A-shares will interpret the market differentiation to the extreme, and some popular tracks face short-term cost-effectiveness deviations.

At the same time, at the beginning of 2022, the fund issuance was not good, the incremental funds were limited, and the problems of crowded transactions on popular tracks were concentrated.

  Du Meng, the investment director of Shanghai Investment Morgan, said that high-prosperity sectors such as new energy, military industry, and biomedicine have all experienced large declines recently. Among them, the new energy sector has been affected by news such as the decline in subsidies and other rumors, and related indices have fallen significantly .

  But at the same time, there seems to be no special news disturbance in other sectors.

Therefore, in addition to the news, trading and psychological factors such as the high concentration of institutional positions, crowded transactions, and large early-stage gains may be the main reasons for the relatively large adjustment of related sectors in the near future.

The reasons for such adjustments will gradually fade as the adjustment progresses, which does not constitute a continuous risk, and even brings a rare opportunity for high-quality stocks to increase positions and layout.

  In order to combat the risk of short-term fluctuations, young people can choose some funds to make fixed investment. No matter how the market fluctuates, a fixed investment fund is fixed for one day every month. The bank automatically deducts the money, and automatically calculates the number of fund shares that can be purchased according to the net value of the fund.

In this way, the funds of investors to buy funds are invested on schedule, and the cost of investment is relatively average, which can effectively dilute the losses caused by the slump in the market.

Investors can invest in the market through the "fixed investment plan", without caring about the time of entry, without changing long-term investment decisions for short-term fluctuations, and realizing asset growth through time compounding.

  For young people, although many financial products on the market have high returns, they have high risks, and they also need to be supported by sufficient knowledge.

The investment threshold for funds is relatively low. Many funds are purchased from 10 yuan, and even 1 yuan.

In addition to books, young people can also learn about funds independently through some videos and software, and they can also find professional institutions to help choose funds.

  It is a good thing for young people to take the initiative to learn investment and financial management, but investment is a science, and it is always risky. Don't follow others blindly.

New Christian Democrats should not invest a lot of capital, and always put risk in the first place.

In addition, don't be jealous of other people's earnings, don't chase the ups and downs, and cultivate the concept of long-term investment.

  Text / reporter Zhu Kaiyun