At the branch managers' meeting held on the 12th, the Bank of Japan's Governor Kuroda said that the outlook for prices will gradually increase due to not only the rise in energy prices but also the recovery of demand due to the resumption of economic activities. Shown.

On the 12th, the Bank of Japan held an online branch managers' meeting once every three months.

In this, Governor Kuroda reiterated the view that the current state of the economy is "although it is still in a difficult situation due to the influence of the new coronavirus, but it is picking up as a keynote."

Regarding the outlook for prices, Governor Kuroda said, "It is expected that the positive range will gradually expand to reflect the rise in energy prices."

Furthermore, although it is accompanied by fluctuations due to temporary factors, it is based on the background of the improvement of the so-called output gap, which indicates the difference between domestic demand and supply capacity, and the increase in the expected inflation rate over the medium to long term. It is thought that the rate of increase will gradually increase. " rice field.