The New York stock market on the 11th is wary of the rapid pace of monetary tightening as the Fed's remarks at the hearing of Fed Chairman Powell, the central bank of the United States, are taken as expected. The feeling has eased somewhat and the Dow Jones Industrial Average has risen.

The closing price of the Dow Jones Industrial Average on the New York Stock Market on the 11th was $ 36,252,2 cents, up $ 183,15 from the previous day.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has risen for the first time in five business days.

Prices have been declining since the start of the transaction, but on this day, the Fed Chair Powell's remarks at the Senate hearing were taken as within expectations, and monetary tightening will proceed at a fast pace. The alertness of the Fed has eased somewhat, and the number of buy orders has increased, and the price has started to rise.

The Nasdaq stock index, which has many IT-related stocks, also rose 1.4%.

In the New York crude oil market, crude oil prices continued to rise, and the WTI futures price, which is an international indicator, temporarily rose to the $ 81 level per barrel.

Market officials said, "Many investors were wary of emphasizing that Chair Powell would rush to tighten monetary policy, but said it would take time to bring the policy rate back to pre-infection levels for the new Corona. There is some relief from the alert. For the time being, the FRB's pace of tightening monetary policy is likely to continue to be of interest. "