Zhongxin Finance, January 10 (Reporter Li Jinlei) On January 10, some netizens found that some products of HEYTEA were reduced in price. Among them, the price of pure tea was reduced by 3-5 yuan, the price of 5 fruits was reduced by 2-3 yuan, and the price of cheese was reduced by 1. Yuan, for example, Zhizhimangmang dropped by 3 yuan.

HEYTEA Beijing Sanlitun store.

Photo by China News Service reporter Li Jinlei

  In this regard, HEYTEA told Zhongxin Finance that HEYTEA has indeed lowered the prices of some products this time.

The adjustment of the prices of some products this time is to allow users to drink HEYTEA more conveniently and at a low cost.

  HEYTEA said that at present, thanks to the brand potential, scale advantages, continuous accumulation in the supply chain and deep cultivation in the upstream, HEYTEA has the ability to make changes to some products without changing the product formula, materials and quality. price adjusted.


price band of mainstream products has been maintained at 19-29 yuan for a long time, and HEYTEA is not a so-called high-priced tea drink

," HEYTEA said. This price adjustment is also a normal adjustment action of HEYTEA in its mainstream price band, and HEYTEA will continue to polish And launch high-quality products, so that more consumers can taste higher-quality tea.

  Zhongxin Finance noticed that in 2020, the prices of many products of HEYTEA once increased by 2 yuan, and the response was that the prices were adjusted because of the increase in raw material costs.

  In the context of rising prices in the milk tea industry, HEYTEA did the opposite, which is surprising.

Previously, Chayan Yuese announced that starting from January 7, 2022, most of its milk tea products will increase by 1 to 2 yuan.