The number of ice and snow leisure tourists in my country will reach 305 million, and tourism revenue is expected to reach 323.3 billion yuan—

  The ice and snow industry is heating up

  Our reporter Han Bingzhi

  "This weekend, I have to go to the ski resort to release it anyway!" said Ma Weina, a ski enthusiast.

The Beijing Winter Olympics are approaching, making this Beijing girl excited.

  Under the background of "driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports", more and more people are willing to try the fun of ice and snow.

In Beijing, the "city of double Olympics" that has hosted both the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics, the atmosphere of ice and snow is getting stronger day by day.

The opportunities of the Winter Olympics and people's high enthusiasm for ice and snow sports have made the "ice and snow +" industry show a good momentum of development, laying a solid foundation for Beijing to strengthen the ice and snow economy.

  to popularize

  In 2005, by chance, Ma Weina joined a group of young people who love skiing, and she became attached to skiing since then.

After more than 10 years of skiing, she has gradually grown from a ski "little white" to a master.

"Looking at the white snow and breathing the fresh air, my mood suddenly brightened. Learning from each other and making progress together with like-minded people is what attracts me most to skiing." Ma Weina said.

  The ice and snow sports are "hot", and the operators of ice and snow venues feel deeply.

The Beijing Tus Ice and Snow Sports Center, located in Shijingshan District, Beijing, is full of daily figure skating and ice hockey classes from morning to night.

  Geng Bingwa, 27, is a figure skating coach at the Beijing Tus Ice and Snow Sports Center.

She became attached to skating at the age of two and a half and won the free skating championship at the National Figure Skating Championships.

In 2017, she turned from an athlete to a coach, passing the charm of the sport to more people.

  Working on the front line, Geng Bingwa said that since Beijing and Zhangjiakou successfully bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics, she has personally felt the great changes in ice and snow sports in Beijing and across the country.

"When I practiced skating, figure skating was still a niche sport, but now as long as the venue is open, the ice rink is full of children. At present, I have more than 20 children with them, and their awareness and enthusiasm for ice and snow has increased a lot than before. ." Geng Bingwa said.

  Driven by the Beijing Winter Olympics, ice and snow sports training programs are becoming more and more professional.

In the past, people often regarded ski resorts as tourist attractions and came to take pictures, even if they "skied through the snow".

But now, experience customers have turned into enthusiasts one after another, especially with the gradual increase in the level of demand for ice and snow sports, participation in ice and snow sports has begun to shift from leisure experience to long-term sports.

  9-year-old Gao Bowen has been learning to skate for more than two years.

With solid training, he has gone from bumps and bumps when he first hit the ice to now achieving good results in skating events at the Beijing and district levels, becoming a leader among skaters of his age.

This teenager, who takes Olympic champion Wu Dajing as his idol, won the third place in the U10 men's 7 laps in the 2021 Beijing Youth U-Series Short Track Speed ​​Skating Championships.

Under the influence of Gao Bowen, my sister also joined the skating team.

  Gao Bowen is a microcosm of many teenagers who fall in love with ice and snow sports.

According to the "2021 China Youth Participation in Ice and Snow Sports Report" recently released by the Sports Industry Development Research Center of Tsinghua University and China Youth Network, 30% of young people have participated in ice and snow sports; more than 60% of young people are optimistic about the future of ice and snow sports among young people in my country. development of.

  Expansion is better

  As the vision and goal of "driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports" have been transformed into practical actions, the ice and snow industry has become more and more popular.

  For ski lovers, the right ski equipment can greatly enhance the skiing experience.

"What's Worth Buying" is a consumer portal. Zhang Yuang, the general manager of the "Double 11" project, said, "Skiing is a high-risk competitive sport, in addition to professional skills, it is also necessary to do personal protection. January 2021 From January to September, the GMV (total transaction value of the platform) of related products containing the keywords of 'ski helmet' and 'ski protective gear' increased by 115.17% and 125.62% year-on-year."

  The "Double 11" shopping festival in 2021 has ended, and orders for ice and snow categories such as snow clothing, snowboards, ski goggles, and ice and snow tourism have all shown explosive growth.

According to's "Double 11" ice and snow-related project equipment sales data, calculated by category, the turnover of ski clothing increased by 270% year-on-year, the order volume of ski snowboards increased by 590% year-on-year, and the order volume of ski goggles increased by 300% year-on-year. The number of operating orders increased by 23 times year-on-year.

Women's ski suits and parent-child ski products have become the best-selling items.

  The ice and snow industry is not simply "increasing production and selling goods". It creates scenarios for consumers, and uses personalized, differentiated, and high-quality services to "improve the quality and expand capacity" of the ice and snow industry, which has become a new trend in the development of the industry.

Affected by the epidemic and boosted by the Winter Olympics, various ice and snow-related apps have been launched one after another, making it easier for ice and snow lovers to learn, record, share, and participate in activities online.

  Keep is a well-known fitness app. Last year, its course R&D team worked with famous skier Xu Nannan to create a series of courses of "Learn Double Boarding with Champion Xu Nannan". , to help ski enthusiasts master basic skills, and the entire course has been followed for more than 3.4 million times.

In order to help ice and snow sports become popular, this year Keep continues to incorporate ice and snow sports elements in new live broadcast classes, such as rhythm fat-burning courses into "ski jump", aiming to further promote users' attention and enthusiasm for the Winter Olympics.

  "When we were arranging this series of courses, we added sports elements from the Winter Olympics. Sports are popular, and the competitive spirit can inspire everyone's enthusiasm for fitness in daily life." Wang Peng, head of Keep Live Course R&D It is said that "ski jump" is an image that combines skiing action and shaping strength training, which can not only achieve the effect of efficient fat burning, but also increase the training fun, and help users to better complete the training.

  promote sustainable development

  More than a month ago, the Vanke Shijinglong Ski Resort in Yanqing District, Beijing started artificial snow making, and the "snowflakes" fell on the snowy road, making the white snow and the blue sky complement each other. In a grand winter scene, citizens and tourists are welcomed here to participate in ice and snow sports. boom.

  In recent years, in order to better promote the masses to participate in ice and snow sports, various places have introduced incentive policies, increased the construction of ice and snow sports venues and facilities, and carried out a variety of mass ice and snow activities.

  In order to promote the development of mass ice and snow sports in Beijing, expand the size of the ice and snow population, and implement the goal of “10 million ice and snow population by 2022” in Beijing, Beijing has successively promulgated the “Opinions of the Beijing Municipal People’s Government on Accelerating the Development of Ice and Snow Sports (2016-2022). Year)" and "Beijing's Implementation Opinions on the Implementation of the Opinions on Vigorously Developing Ice and Snow Sports by Taking the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics as an Opportunity".

Statistics show that there are 50 indoor ice rinks and 20 ski resorts in Beijing.

At the same time, Beijing has successively held the citizens' happy ice and snow season. In the past five years, a total of 15,000 mass ice and snow activities at all levels and various types have been carried out, with 24.8 million participants.

  How to take advantage of the opportunity of the Winter Olympics to turn the public's enthusiasm for participating in ice and snow sports into lasting interest?

"In general, driven by the Beijing Winter Olympics, the ice and snow industry policy has become increasingly clear. On the one hand, the policy focus has shifted from vigorously popularizing mass ice and snow sports to cultivating the main industry of ice and snow sports, building ice and snow stadiums, creating high-quality ice and snow events, and ice and snow tourism. Promotion is the top priority of the current ice and snow industry; on the other hand, establishing an ice and snow industry cluster and promoting the deep integration of the ice and snow industry and related industries is the main idea to promote the development of the ice and snow industry.” said Zhang Li, vice president of Asia Data Group.

  The historic opportunity to host the Winter Olympics at home will bring an irreplaceable boost.

The reporter recently visited some Beijing Winter Olympics competition venues and learned that the National Speed ​​Skating Stadium "Ice Ribbon" will be gradually opened to the public after the Winter Olympics, providing venues and facilities for the masses to exercise; Wukesong Sports Center will realize winter sports and summer sports. Sports conversion, in addition to continuing to undertake various performances and basketball competitions, it will also expand the dimension and breadth of operations, and can undertake ice hockey, short track speed skating, figure skating and other ice events, and realize the full-season, full-time ice rink. chain development.

  "Beijing will rely on the National Alpine Ski Center, the National Snowmobile Center and other Winter Olympic venues and various ice and snow sports facilities, focus on consolidating the development achievements of ice and snow sports, and create a global destination for ice and snow sports competitions and leisure consumption." Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau , said spokesman Yang Haibin.