China News Service, Yantai, December 29 (Wang Jiaoni Jiang Gan) The International Court of Arbitration in Yantai Area of ​​China (Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone (hereinafter referred to as Yantai Free Trade Area) was inaugurated on the 28th.

  The International Court of Arbitration will take advantage of the location advantages, environmental advantages, talent advantages and technological influence of the Yantai Free Trade Area to introduce advanced concepts and arbitration rules in international commercial arbitration to provide enterprises with high-level and international arbitration services and explore arbitration services The "Yantai experience" of the construction of the free trade zone has helped the free trade zone create a more fair, open, unified and efficient market environment.

  It is reported that the Yantai Free Trade Zone has been approved for more than two years and has insisted on institutional innovation as its core. It has launched an average of 1 institutional innovation every 5 days, reaching a total of 147. The opening-up leading effect has continued to increase, and the industry-enabling effect has been accelerated. A total of 28,000 settled enterprises.

  The accelerated accumulation of enterprises, talents, capital, and technology has also put forward new requirements for creating a higher-level legal, international, and convenient business environment.

The Yantai Free Trade Zone has successively introduced Shandong’s first Korean-owned law firm, established Shandong’s first intellectual property crime investigation team, settled in Shandong’s first intellectual property Internet trial court, established the country’s first intellectual property prosecution office, and launched a new "Intellectual Property Notarization Chain" Model, innovatively establish a "legal tax" cooperation mechanism for tax protection between the two parties, independently develop apps for quick determination of administrative cases, explore new mechanisms for handling administrative cases, and build a relatively complete free trade legal service system.