China News Service, Kunming, December 27th (Xie Yike and Liu Haoliang) The China-Laos railway international freight cold chain train loaded with 21 vegetable and fruit cold chain containers, slowly departed from Yuxi Yanhe Station on the 27th, marking China's Yuxi and Laos Vientiane officially opened up a new cross-border logistics channel for the cold chain of fruits and vegetables.

  Yuxi is located in the central part of Yunnan, connecting the China-Laos Railway and the Yu(xi)he (kou) railway, with superior location and transportation advantages.

In 2020, Yuxi’s agricultural exports were US$3.15 billion, accounting for 60.4% of Yunnan’s agricultural exports, and more than 90% of the products were sold to Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and other countries.

  After the launch of the China-Laos Railway International Freight Train, the cold chain of fruits and vegetables will be transported to Vientiane Station via the China-Laos Railway, and then transported to Bangkok, Thailand via the Vientiane Highway. The total transportation time will be shortened to 68 hours, which is more than 76 hours shorter than the previous road transportation, with an average per container The freight rate dropped by 30%, which greatly improved the overall efficiency of Yuxi's agricultural exports.

  It is understood that the first train has 21 cold-chain containers with a total weight of more than 300 tons. It integrates the export freight needs of 11 local enterprises for agricultural products. It consists of 20 vegetable containers and 1 fresh cut flower container. The goods cover cabbage, 9 varieties of vegetables including cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower, and 9 varieties of fresh cut flowers including carnations, roses, lilies, and eustoma.

  At present, the China-Laos Railway operates 2 to 3 pairs of cargo trains every day. Except for border clearance time, the normal operation time of trains between Yuxi and Vientiane is about 18 hours.

The fast and convenient customs clearance service of railway transportation will effectively guarantee the transportation quality of fresh agricultural products, allowing Yuncai to go abroad with higher efficiency and lower cost and to Southeast Asia.

  The launch of international freight trains on the China-Laos Railway will comprehensively deepen the bilateral and multilateral economic and trade cooperation between Yunnan and South Asian and Southeast Asian countries, and open up an efficient and fast international cold chain logistics for the two-way trade of agricultural and animal husbandry products and fresh products between Yunnan and countries along the route. aisle.