This year's A-share IPO financing exceeded 500 billion for the first time

  The number of new stocks for the year is expected to reach 491, a record

  Our reporter Wang Yanping

  Following China Telecom, today, another "Big Mac" China Mobile is officially issued in the A-share market. The domestic communications industry giants finally gather in the A-share market, and the IPO market for 2021 is about to end.

  Recently, Deloitte China Capital Markets Service Department released the "2021 China Mainland and Hong Kong IPO Market Review and 2022 Prospects".

According to a report by Deloitte China, in terms of IPO financing in 2021, Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange ranked first and second in the world, the Shanghai Stock Exchange ranked third, and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange ranked third. Fourth and fifth place.

  Number of new shares issued this year and financing amount

  All set a record in A-share history

  According to the Deloitte China report, it is expected that 491 new shares will be issued in the A-share market throughout 2021, with a financing amount of 536.7 billion yuan, including 11 new shares listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange (Beijing Stock Exchange). It is 1.75 billion yuan.

  Flush iFinD statistics show that this is the first time in the history of A-shares that the amount of IPO financing exceeded 500 billion yuan. The previous record was 491.1 billion yuan in 2010; the number of 491 new shares also set a new record. The previous record was 2017. 438 homes.

  In 2021, the largest number of new shares issued will be on the Growth Enterprise Market, reaching 199; followed by 162 on the Science and Technology Innovation Board.

However, if calculated by the amount of financing, the science and technology innovation board will jump to the first place, reaching 202.9 billion yuan, followed by the Shanghai main board with 162.3 billion yuan.

Adding the Sci-tech Innovation Board and the Shanghai Main Board, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has issued a total of 248 new shares, raising funds of 365.2 billion yuan.

A total of 232 new shares were issued on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, with a financing amount of 169.7 billion yuan.

  In 2021, 4 companies with IPO financing of more than 10 billion yuan, namely China Mobile, China Telecom, Three Gorges Energy, BeiGene, financing 56 billion, 47.9 billion, 22.7 billion and 22.2 billion respectively, accounting for A shares More than a quarter of the total market financing.

  The trial implementation and promotion of the registration system is an important reason for the blowout of the number of new shares issued in the A-share market.

From the pilot registration system on the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Board in 2019, to the extension of the registration system to the ChiNext in 2020, Deloitte China predicts that Shenzhen and Shanghai main boards may promote the registration system reform in 2022, and the Beijing Stock Exchange will be established as a small innovative enterprise this year Provide an additional channel for domestic listing. It is expected that the multi-level A-share market will flourish in the next few years.

  According to Fong Shun iFinD statistics, since this year, there have been 504 new shares listed on the A-share market (including 40 companies listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange).

Guangdong ranks first in the country with 88 newly listed companies (including Shenzhen 39), Jiangsu and Zhejiang are both tied for second place with 85 newly listed companies, and the number of newly listed companies in the three provinces accounted for more than half of the total.

Shanghai and Beijing followed closely with 44 and 38 respectively, and Shandong added 36.

  The Hong Kong stock market predicts that there will be 97 new shares issued in 2021, with a financing amount of 331.4 billion Hong Kong dollars. Compared with last year's 146 new shares and 397.9 billion Hong Kong dollars in financing, the number of new shares fell by 34%, and the funds raised decreased by 17%.

Registration system or full implementation next year

  The issuance of new A shares will continue to blowout

  Looking forward to 2022, Deloitte China predicts that the number of new shares on the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Board, Shenzhen Growth Enterprise Market and Beijing Stock Exchange will continue to rise, and the number of new shares issued throughout the year will continue to grow. Most of the new shares will come from small and medium-sized manufacturing and technology companies.

  It is estimated that 170 to 200 new shares will be issued on the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Board in 2022, raising 210 billion to 250 billion yuan; 210 to 240 new shares will be issued on the ChiNext, raising 160 to 180 billion yuan.

The Shanghai and Shenzhen main boards are expected to issue 120 to 150 new shares, raising 200 to 230 billion yuan.

  "Due to a number of major reforms in China’s capital market in recent years, we are optimistic about the prospects of the A-share IPO market in 2022 and the next few years. The market looks forward to the full implementation of the IPO registration system, which will help create a more favorable environment. Companies can raise funds more efficiently and effectively in the domestic capital market to support business development." said Zhao Haizhou, the partner in charge of A-share listing in the Eastern China region of Deloitte's China Capital Market Service Department.

  The Hong Kong market will usher in more Chinese concept stocks listed in the United States, and the listing mechanism of special purpose acquisition companies (SPAC) will help attract high-growth companies in Asia or privatized Chinese concept stocks for SPAC mergers and acquisitions Target form of listing.

Some of the new stocks are from local unicorns in Hong Kong.

In the whole year, the Hong Kong market is expected to issue about 120 new shares, raising about 330 billion Hong Kong dollars.

 Top 10 IPO financing amount in 2021

  Securities code Securities name Raised funds (100 million yuan)

  600941.SH China Mobile 560

  601728.SH China Telecom 479

  600905.SH Three Gorges Energy 227

  688235.SH BeiGene 222

  601825.SH Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank 86

  688538.SH Hehui Optoelectronics 82

  688187.SH Times Electric 76

  688303.SH Daquan Energy 64

  688032.SH Hemai shares 56

  301047.SZ Yiqiao Shenzhou 50

  Top ten IPO financing amount over the years

  Number of years (houses) Raised funds (100 million yuan) Price-earnings ratio (times)

  2021 467 5154 35.27

  2010 349 4911 58.62

  2007 126 4895 29.92

  2020 396 4700 41.27

  2011 282 2824 47.49

  2019 203 2532 34.23

  2017 438 2301 23.88

  2009 99 1879 48.96

  2015 223 1695 21.87

  2016 227 1496 21.39

  (Note: 2021 is the current data)

  Our reporter Wang Yanping