In the Tokyo stock market on the 21st, the movement to buy back stocks that had been declining due to concerns about the spread of Omicron stock infection has spread, and the Nikkei Stock Average has risen by more than 500 yen.

The Nikkei Stock Average, the closing price on the 21st, is 28,517.59 yen, which is 579.78 yen higher than the 20th.

Tokyo Stock Price Index = Topics rose 28.46 to 1969.79.

The daily trading volume was 1,015.66 million shares.

Market officials said, "In the Tokyo market, stock prices have recently fallen sharply due to concerns about a slowdown in the global economy due to the spread of infection with Omicron stocks, but today there is a move to buy back to a wide range of stocks due to a sense of cheapness. However, there is a deep-rooted sense of uncertainty among investors about the outbreak trend of the new Coronavirus and the fear that the flow of funding to the market will change due to an early rate hike in the United States, and the risk is positive. The price increase was limited in the afternoon because it was difficult to get it. "