A demonstration experiment of a navigation system installed in a "flying car" that applies drone technology was conducted in Toba City, Mie Prefecture on the 14th.

A "flying car" is a vehicle that uses drone technology to carry people and objects and fly electrically, and the country is aiming to put it to practical use again next year.

A dedicated navigation system is required to fly safely, and a company developing it conducted an experiment in Toba City on the 14th.

In the experiment, instead of a flying car, a drone equipped with a navigation system was used to fly a distance of nearly 3 kilometers while maintaining a height of approximately 60 meters from the ground.

During that time, I was monitoring location information from the ground and checking whether the drone was able to fly the selected route correctly by autopilot while considering the weather conditions.

The company that conducted the experiment, "Air Mobility," plans to complete this navigation system by next year, when the government is aiming to put "flying cars" to practical use.

President Takashi Asai said, "Although attention is focused on the development of the aircraft, it cannot be operated without navigation. We would like to work on providing a system that can fly safely toward the" air movement revolution. "