China News Online, December 12th, title: Deciphering the "Shanghai Digital Exchange": Opening the "Digital Merchant Era" How does Shanghai introduce "data" into the "trading market"?

  Reporter Zheng Yingying

  The "digital age" has come. In order to promote data transactions, Shanghai opened the Shanghai Data Exchange (abbreviation: Shanghai Data Exchange) at the end of November 2021.

How will Shanghai build a data exchange?

Through the half-year trial operation, which aspects will Shanghai Data Exchange explore?

The reporter recently interviewed Huang Lihua, the executive deputy director of the National Engineering Laboratory of Big Data Circulation and Transaction Technology and Professor of Fudan University, who participated in the construction of the Shanghai Digital Exchange, and answered the relevant content:

Create a "data ecology" to make disorder become orderly

  Before the establishment of the Shanghai Data Exchange, the market was not without data transactions.

So, what is different after the establishment of the data exchange?

For example, this is like sports. There are no referees and there are referees, and the "play" is different.

Before the establishment of the Shanghai Data Exchange, the trading situation was like "basketball" and "running" competitions. Although they are all sports, there is no consistent rule to follow. Each has its own understanding, and the competition seems a bit chaotic.

  After the establishment of the Shanghai Data Exchange, it hopes to create a data ecosystem so that everyone can use the same set of rules to conduct data transactions.

  The core of the Shanghai Digital Exchange is to do ecology. Everyone has reached a consensus on the rules. Enterprises follow these rules to make the layout and planning of data transactions, and realize the "book with text" and "car on track" in the field of data transactions.

Open the "digital quotient era" to realize the multiplier effect

  On the day of the establishment of the Shanghai Digital Exchange, the first batch of digital merchants signed contracts, with the number reaching 100, such as China Net Haidian, China Eastern Airlines and other data transaction entities, Xieli, King & Wood Mallesons, Zhong Lun and other law firms, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte and Touche And other accounting firms, delivery companies such as Fushu Technology, You Kede, and Transwarp Technology.

  What is "digital quotient"?

Which companies and institutions can be included?

In fact, these companies and institutions involved in all aspects of data circulation transactions are composed of digital vendors, such as data providers, third parties of data (such as third parties for compliance consulting, quality assessment, security audits, and product delivery). )etc.

  This is the first time that Shanghai has introduced the concept of digital quotient.

In fact, for the digital economy, the digital quotient is a brand new increment.

On the one hand, the digital quotient is a new description. The emergence of these subjects is itself a new growth pole; on the other hand, the emergence of the digital quotient will make the efficiency of circulation form a "multiplier effect", changing from 1 to 5. Change from 1 to 10, or even from 1 to 100.

Innovative "Five Firsts" to Deal with the "Five Difficulties" of Trading

  Currently, data transactions have key common problems such as "difficulty in confirming rights, difficult in pricing, difficult in mutual trust, difficult in entry, and difficult in supervision". The establishment of the Shanghai Data Exchange has solved these "five difficulties" with the "five major launches".

  The “five major launches” are as follows: First, the nation’s first digital quotient system, a new form of "digital quotient" is newly constructed, covering data transaction subjects, data compliance consulting, quality evaluation, asset evaluation, delivery and other fields, fostering and regulating new The main body, build a more prosperous circulation transaction ecology.

The second is the nation’s first data transaction supporting system, which is the first to provide a series of system specifications for the entire process of data transactions, covering various methods, specifications, guidelines and standards from data exchanges, data transaction entities to data transaction ecosystems, and establishes the "no The basic principle of "no listing in compliance, no trading without scenes" makes data circulation and transactions have rules to follow and rules to follow.

The third is to launch the nation’s first fully digital data transaction system and launch a new generation of intelligent data transaction systems to ensure full-time listing of data transactions, global transactions, and full traceability.

Fourth, the nation’s first data product registration vouchers were issued. For the first time, data product registration vouchers and data transaction vouchers were issued to realize one number and one code, which can be registered, counted, and surveyed.

Fifth, the nation’s first data product manuals are issued in the form of data product manuals to make data readable and turn abstract data into concrete products.

  The Shanghai Digital Exchange is in its infancy and is still in trial operation. It will fully verify some rules and models.

For example, the "full digital data transaction system" is expected to receive a good stress test during the trial operation.

In addition, the Shanghai Digital Exchange must fully verify the basic principle of "non-compliance, no listing, no trading without scenes".

  In the future, the Shanghai Digital Exchange hopes to promote more data supply and try to transform data transactions from a "niche market" to a "scale market."