Internet celebrity new landmarks need to be repaired internally and externally

  Wang Shengqiang

  Recently, the 2021 Beijing Internet celebrity check-in place recommendation list was released. A total of 100 cultural and tourism destinations on the top ten themes were on the list. The Red House of Peking University, the former site of the editorial office of "New Youth", and Beijing Universal Resort were selected.

  At present, cultural and tourism consumption has shown new trends and new formats, from sightseeing tours to diversified themed culture, rural leisure, healthy outdoor, sports, etc., and online word-of-mouth has become an important reference.

All kinds of Internet celebrities that have emerged at the historic moment are overwhelmed, and problems such as abuse of Internet celebrity labels and willful filter blessing occur from time to time. Some "beauties" concocted with filters make tourists look forward to, disappointed, and eventually hurt those by mistake. A truly meaningful punch-in place.

  Promoting cultural tourism consumption is an important starting point for promoting economic transformation in many places. However, traditional cultural tourism consumption relies too much on natural, historical, and cultural landscapes, and relies too much on ticket, accommodation, and catering income. It is limited by the limited amount of resources and consumption channels. The model is single, and development has fallen into a bottleneck.

Promoting online celebrities with good online reviews, good experience, and good consumption in the form of a list is a useful attempt and initiative to conform to the new trend of cultural tourism consumption, tap new potentials of cultural tourism consumption, and create a new landmark of cultural tourism consumption. Introduce clear spring water from the source, inject new impetus for consumption, form agglomeration effect and leverage effect, and drive the surrounding catering, clothing, and personalized service experience to flourish.

  The launch of Internet celebrity check-in locations cannot be done once and for all, especially for some newly formed Internet celebrity spots, which should focus on both internal and external development, build a brand, and build a lasting reputation with the help of network dividends.

Practicing internal strength is to make up for shortcomings internally as soon as possible, and be worthy of online beauty in terms of satisfying individual experience, providing specialty products, implementing efficient management, and launching sincere services.

To practice external skills well requires efforts to improve electronic map guidance, platform traffic support, and brand reputation promotion.

Only in this way can the intriguing check-in tourists turn into sincere repeat customers, and the "net celebrity attractions" that I have been thinking of in my heart can be turned into the "Changhong classics" passed down by word of mouth.