(Economic Observation) What is the significance of the Central Economic Work Conference's emphasis on "holding the rice bowl"?

  China News Service, Beijing, December 10 (Reporter Chen Su) The Central Economic Work Conference held from December 8th to 10th once again focused on food security and pointed out that “the Chinese people’s rice bowl must be firmly based on oneself at all times. In hand".

What is the significance of the Central Economic Work Conference's emphasis on "holding a prisoner's rice bowl"?

How can China "hold the rice bowl" at all times?

  According to recent data released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China, in 2021, there will be another bumper harvest in the country. Grain output has stabilized at more than 1.3 trillion catties for the seventh consecutive year. The harvest will be harvested again in years when extreme weather conditions are frequent.

At the same time, according to official statistics, China has sufficient grain reserves, of which wheat stocks can meet the consumption needs of the Chinese for one and a half years.

  Under the good food production and supply situation, the Central Economic Work Conference has deployed to ensure food security, demanding that "the Chinese people's rice bowl must be firmly in their own hands at all times."

  Speaking of why the Central Economic Work Conference proposed to "correctly understand" food supply security, Li Guoxiang, a researcher at the Institute of Rural Development of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told a reporter from China News Agency that this year, international food prices fluctuated sharply, and international wheat prices rose by 50%. It has affected China's domestic food prices. Under the influence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and trade protectionism, the international food supply chain has been impacted, and the stability of food imports is also facing challenges.

The complex international grain market situation is the main background for the Central Economic Work Conference to emphasize the protection of domestic food security.

  Ye Xingqing, a researcher and director of the Rural Economic Research Department of the Development Research Center of the State Council of China, said that China is currently facing major changes unseen in a century. It must be vigilant against changes in the international market, especially the volatility risks of overseas supply chains.

In addition, China is a country with a large population, and the demand for food will continue to grow. The demand for improved food will increase, and the demand for high-quality grains and animal products will increase, which will increase the demand for high-quality rations and feed grains. Therefore, we must always tighten food security. One string.

  The central economic work conference particularly highlighted the word "stability", and pointed out that under the impact of the epidemic in the century, the changes in the past century have accelerated and the external environment has become more complex, severe and uncertain. It is necessary to focus on stabilizing the macroeconomic market.

Analysis believes that food security is the "ballast stone" of economic and social stability, so the official continues to emphasize "holding the Chinese rice bowl firmly."

  The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China recently stated that according to calculations, China's food demand will continue to grow in the next three decades.

In the face of limited arable land and complex international grain markets, will the Chinese people's jobs be guaranteed in the future?

How should I hold my job?

  Speaking of the food supply situation in 2022, Ye Xingqing said that the Central Economic Work Conference emphasized food security, which is mainly a medium- and long-term strategic direction. It does not mean that China’s food security will be problematic in the short term. China’s current food self-sufficiency rate It is very high and has sufficient inventory to ensure that the job will be firmly held in its own hands in the short term.

  The meeting put forward that it is necessary to put the improvement of comprehensive agricultural production capacity in a more prominent position, continue to promote the construction of high-standard farmland, in-depth implementation of the seed industry revitalization action, improve the level of agricultural machinery and equipment, and ensure the reasonable income of grain farmers. Hold it firmly in your own hands.

  Ye Xingqing said that from the perspective of long-term supply guarantee, China will base itself on the country, insist on "reserving grain in the land" and "reserving grain in technology", curb the "non-agriculturalization" of cultivated land, prevent the "non-grainization" of cultivated land, and accelerate the construction of high-standard farmland. , Improve the quality of arable land, promote scientific and technological progress centered on the seed industry, increase grain yield, develop mechanization, and reduce grain production costs.

From an international perspective, we should also actively respond to fluctuations in the international market and promote the diversification of import sources.

  Li Guoxiang said that at present, frequent extreme weather disasters and rising prices of production materials have become new uncertain factors in China's grain production. Faced with difficulties, China will further implement the responsibility of the party and government, consolidate the responsibility of grain production, and further increase The financial support policy of strengthening farmers and benefiting farmers increases farmers' income from growing grain through various channels and mobilizes farmers' enthusiasm for growing grain.