China News Service, Beijing, December 8th (Liu Wenwen) After two trading days of trimming, the three major Chinese A-share indexes collectively closed up on the 8th.

The Shanghai Composite Index returned to 3,600 points, the Shenzhen Component Index hit 15,000 points, and the three major stock indexes all rose more than 1%.

  As of the end of the day, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index rose 1.18% to 363.57 points, with a turnover of 486.03 billion yuan (RMB, the same below); the Shenzhen Component Index rose 1.82% to close at 14964.46 points, with a turnover of 615.47 billion yuan; the GEM rose 1.66% to close at 3424.70 points and a turnover of 229.54 billion yuan.

The turnover of the two cities exceeded one trillion yuan for the 34th consecutive trading day.

  On the disk, most plates in the two cities were stronger.

Liquor concept, auto parts, beverage manufacturing, national defense and military industry, semiconductors and components have the largest gains; real estate services, coal mining, building decoration and other sectors have the largest declines.

  The stock market's strength that day was inseparable from policy efforts.

The Orient Securities research team believes that the People's Bank of China will cut the RRR as scheduled, and the Politburo meeting of the Central Committee will reiterate the "six stability" and "six guarantees", which will change the market's pessimistic expectations for the economy.

In the medium term, the purpose of this RRR cut is to ensure economic growth. The financing cost of the real economy is expected to be reduced, and the positive benefits for the A-share market will appear in the future.

  It is worth noting that the concept of meta universe was active that day and continued to rise in the afternoon.

According to the news, the concept stock of Yuan Universe SenseTime will soon be listed in Hong Kong.

  In this regard, the Soochow Securities Research Report shows that the giants are fully deploying the meta-universe track, and will find an entry point for the meta-universe based on their own advantages and business; from the perspective of investment opportunities, games are considered the primary application scenario It is the first entrance of Metaverse, which is expected to usher in the opportunity of valuation increase, and at the same time pay attention to the thematic investment opportunities brought by Metaverse.