The "cum-ex" industry wanted to make the German tax authorities easier for the German tax authorities with funds distributed by the Swiss bank Sarasin by 460 million euros.

It didn't happen, thanks to two whistleblowers from the bank and the Stuttgart lawyer Eckart Seith.

Seith is highly valued for this in Germany.

But in Switzerland he is considered an enemy of the state and is on trial for industrial espionage.

He and the former bankers face more than ten years in prison.

Your actions endanger a national sanctuary of the confederates: the Swiss banking system.

When it comes to its protection, parts of the Swiss judicial administration apparently switch off reason and the rule of law.

Accused were put under pressure, file notes were omitted, and an unhealthy loyalty to Bank Sarasin was developed.

But now even the highest Swiss criminal court classifies Cum-ex as fraud.

The courts ignored five requests for bias against the then public prosecutor.

Number six now brought success - and everything slips.

For the prosecutors it is a fiasco, there is a lack of evidence in every corner.

It is up to the Zurich Supreme Court to quickly end the farce-like criminal proceedings.

Every other decision is hardly understandable.