What is the progress of the Rashomon case involving pledge of bank deposit certificates?

  China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission: Is stepping up efforts to determine the facts of violations

  Recently, the 2.8 billion fixed deposits of Jimin Trust Group and the nearly 300 million fixed deposits of Keyuan Wisdom, a listed company, were pledged to banks for "unexplainable" incidents that have aroused widespread concern.

On December 7, the relevant person in charge of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission stated in an interview with CCTV that for individual commercial banks’ third-party deposit certificates pledged acceptance bills, the China Banking Regulatory Commission has dispatched a supervisory working group to conduct on-site investigations and supervisions and requested the banks involved. The head office simultaneously stationed in relevant branches to conduct a comprehensive risk investigation on the relevant bill business.

Regulatory authorities are stepping up efforts to determine the facts of violations and solidify evidence.

  The person in charge stated that the next step will be to do a good job in administrative penalties and accountability of institutions involved in accordance with laws and regulations, and urge institutions to speed up remediation of management deficiencies and loopholes, and establish a compliance business philosophy.

At the same time, the regulatory authorities will work with relevant departments to increase crackdowns and corrections of illegalities in the financial industry, maintain a good financial order, and keep the people's "pockets" well.

  On October 23, two subsidiaries of Jimin Trust Group stated that their deposits of 2.8 billion yuan in Nanjing Branch of Bohai Bank had provided loan pledge guarantees for an unrelated company, Huaye Petrochemical, without their knowledge.

After negotiating with the bank to no avail, Jimin Credential reported to the police on September 3.

Subsequently, Bohai Bank stated that the Nanjing branch had discovered abnormal behavior among enterprises and had reported the case to the public security organs and sought judicial solutions in accordance with the law.

  On November 15th, the listed company Nanjing Keyuan Wisdom issued an announcement, revealing that nearly 300 million yuan of deposits deposited in the Nantong branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank were pledged to unrelated third parties without knowing it. Keyuan Wisdom has called the police.

On the same day, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank responded that while the Nantong branch was conducting investigations, it also filed a criminal report with the public security organs.

  These two cases of deposit certificates pledged acceptance bills between banks and corporate customers have aroused widespread concern.

On November 19, a spokesperson for the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission said for the first time that it attaches great importance to this and has immediately requested the relevant banking and insurance regulatory bureaus to form a working group to enter the bank to conduct on-site investigations.

If the investigation finds that banks have violated regulations, they will be severely punished and accountable in accordance with laws and regulations.

If the investigation finds a suspected illegal or criminal act, it will be transferred to the judicial organs for handling in accordance with the law.

The parties involved in the case have also reported the case to the public security organs, and the investigation and handling of the case is underway.

  Text/Reporter Cheng Jie